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Cork University Business School (CUBS) is committed to research excellence and quality and to supporting the next generation of research leaders. Undertaking a research degree facilitates in-depth study in a discipline in which the student already has a good academic grounding. CUBS also encourages inter-disciplinary research, where the student has appropriate knowledge in cognate areas. We aim to ensure our postgraduate research graduates are prepared, through our training and support, for a wide range of high-level successful careers. Students are given supervision by a team of experts. Our current research students are undertaking research in a variety of areas, such as Health & Wellbeing;  Sustainability & Food, Regional Development & Economics Growth, IS Security & Ethical Business Decision-Making; Employment & Work, and many more, reflecting the diverse nature of CUBS' research activities and our research strengths.

Chris Moran
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"Conversations with personal contacts who have completed a PhD inspired me to embrace this unique opportunity as a learning journey, one that can be an extremely challenging and at times a gruelling one. I think that a PhD is best described as an ‘apprenticeship in research’ which , in my case, is helping me to develop my reading, writing, analysis, critical thinking, time management and public speaking skills. Undertaking a PhD obliges you to focus on a narrow research topic and consequently become an expert in your chosen area." - Chris Moran CUBS PhD Candidate

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Details on how to apply for a postgraduate research course are available from the Graduate Studies Office. Information is also available for Non-EU postgraduate applicants. Please be familiar with the UCC Graduate Studies Policies when applying.

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