Mission and Vision

Our mission: 

Committed to disciplinary strengths and organisational and international engagement, we develop the capacities of students, professionals and organisations through high-impact experiential learning and effective practice-oriented research.

Our vision: 

To be a nationally and internationally recognised business school, known for the excellence of the student learning experience and for the impact of our research on business and society.

In pursuit of the mission and vision statements CUBS is committed to ensuring that: 

  • All of our graduates will regard their experiences with us as among the most satisfying, challenging and rewarding time of their lives in terms of learning, personal development and intellectual growth; they will be the strongest of our advocates and continue to be supportive and engaged alumni; 
  • Our research will be known internationally and valued for its deep knowledge, rigour and relevance; 
  • Our strong engagement with business and government will be regarded nationally and internationally as an exemplar of best practice;
  • The strengths of the University tradition and commitment to scholarly knowledge will be maintained and enhanced.