MBA Alumni

Gillian Barry

The MBA was challenging but in ways I hadn’t fully anticipated. Our very reasoning was questioned!

Pat Cotter

All the lecturers were of high integrity and possessed a world class knowledge of their specialist subject.

Shane Crowley

The group dynamic in project work, assignment and class discussion was another surprising source of great learning.

Caroline Currid

The UCC Executive MBA is an outstanding program with a unique ability to get the most from each individual who has completed the degree.

Brian Dennehy

The 2 year programme immerses you in a new network of people, disciplines and experiences which broadens your view of the business world and your place in it.

Karen Fleming

The UCC Executive MBA has changed the way I think about business and how I engage with my peers.

Elaine Higgins

I feel that the MBA has given me more confidence to push my own career forward and also the development of the team I lead.

Maura Rose McMahon

It met the acid test of cracking the glass ceiling as within a month of finishing I had been offered a CEO post.

Kevin O'Riordan

It broadened my outlook of the business world, not to mention establishing strong friendships.

Allan Russell

The UCC Executive MBA was the most challenging and rewarding experience for my career so far.

Amy White

The course has enabled me to broaden my education base from engineering and science to a more enterprise business approach.

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