Student Life

Life on campus is an exciting, ever-changing mix of activities, opportunities and possibilities. With more than 8 societies within the Cork University Business school, and over 61 clubs across the university, you will develop close ties with people in your own programme, across the business school departments as well as students and individuals from other parts of the university.

The Cork University Business School itself is a community of its own within the wider University environment, and we strive to facilitate a world class student experience, incorporating high quality teaching, learning and research and a rich and dynamic range of opportunities for students to engage in activities outside the curriculum

With students, faculty and professional staff from around the world, we welcome people with a range of backgrounds, experience and interests.  We are passionate about building an energetic and creative community for our students and staff and your experience at the business school will expose you to new ideas and approaches to solving problems and taking on big challenges. 

International students seeking assistance with visas or other support will find the resources and services they require.

UCC offer a wide range of campus accommodation options which encourage collaboration and enable students to benefit from the diverse community

Located in the heart of Cork city students will experience many opportunities for cultural enrichment, easy access to the outdoors, and fun.