Programme Structure

The Cork University Business School (CUBS) Executive MBA at UCC is designed to prepare our participants to become organisational managers, innovators, and leaders.

Our aim is to not only provide a strong understanding of core organisational functions and disciplines but to move beyond that to facilitate an integrative, critical understanding of the foundations and practice of management and leadership. 

Accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) our MBA provides you with an internationally recognised qualification on graduation.

Our MBA participants develop an understanding of the core disciplines by exploring:

  • Organisational decision-making and strategy
  • Operations management
  • Human resource management 
  • Financial analysis and performance
  • Business innovation and transformation
  • Sustainability and governance
  • Leadership development


On this programme you will develop an appreciation of how all aspects of a complex organisation interconnect, and an appreciation of the role each function must play in delivering on organisational goals; this often requires an understanding of functions and disciplines outside of your existing professional competence and our MBA will help you formalise this learning.

Central to the development of this understanding of the complexity of organisations is our careful approach to class composition, intended to ensure that class participants are exposed to a variety of professional expertise and career backgrounds. To this end, we place considerable emphasis on creating an environment that is conducive to the peer-to-peer learning that we believe is vital to the UCC CUBS Executive MBA experience.


The Leadership Development Framework

We deliver the programme via a Leadership Development Framework across all four parts of the MBA.

Part 1

In Part 1, Year 1 students attend a Leadership Development Framework (Introduction) workshop.

Part 2

In Part 2, Year 1 students attend a Leadership Development Framework (Business Research Methods & Consultancy Skills) workshop. 

Leadership Development Framework learning in Year 1 is captured through a 50-mark, individual Reflective Learning Log assessment in the 10-credit module BU6511 Managing Change in an International Context.

Parts 3 & 4

In Part 3, Year 2 students attend a Leadership Development Framework (Sustainable Leadership) workshop. Thematics from the workshop will also be covered in the Part 4, Year 2, 10-credit module BU6504 Leadership Project.

Leadership Development Framework learning in Year 2 is captured through a 50-mark, individual Reflective Learning Log assessment in the 10-credit module BU6504 Leadership Project.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this programme starting September 2025, please contact us at s.[email protected].


Additional Teaching Mode Information

The UCC CUBS Executive MBA will be delivered on a part-time basis over four parts, across two academic years.

  • Part 1: September 2025 – December 2025       
  • Part 2: January 2026 – April 2026
  • Part 3: September 2026 – December 2026
  • Part 4: January 2027 – April 2027

The delivery model is a series of three-day, block lectures delivered within each part.

Each three-day lecture block comprises lectures as follows:

  • Thursday 09:00-18:00
  • Friday 09:00-18:00
  • Saturday 09:00-18:00


  • Part 1 has 5 blocks.
  • Part 2 has 3 blocks + 1 week-long international study visit.
  • Part 3 has 5 blocks.
  • Part 4 has 5 blocks.

Please contact [email protected] for lecture dates.


The programme is taught during weekday and weekend working hours over two years. Our lectures take place in the heart of Cork's business district at the UCC Centre for Executive Education on Lapp's Quay in Cork.


  • AC6505 Managerial Control and Performance (5 credits)
  • EC6505 Economics for Strategic Business Development (5 credits)
  • MG6508 Organisational Behaviour (5 credits)
  • MG6509 Managing Human Resources (5 credits)
  • AC6506 Financial Investment and Analysis (5 credits)
  • BU6500 Operations and Supply Chain Management (5 credits)
  • BU6511 Managing Change in an International Context (10 credits)
  • BU6515 Strategic Decision Making and Governance (5 credits)
  • BU6516 Ethics and Sustainability (5 credits)
  • EC6506 Economics & Competitiveness for Global Business (5 credits)
  • IS6502 Leading Responsible Innovation & Digital Transformation (5 credits)
  • MG6510 Strategic Marketing (5 credits)
  • BU6504 Leadership Project (10 credits)
  • MG6504 Integrated Strategy Project (10 credits)

And choose one elective module from the following:

  • BU6505 People and Talent Management (5 credits)
  • GV6503 Public Sector Elective (5 credits)

See the College Calendar (MBA) for full details.

Your Learning Journey

Our programme utilises a mix of learning methods including case studies and simulations as a means of introducing new theoretical frameworks; they develop your application, situation analysis, and decision making skills. 

By honing these skills through in-class work, you achieve a high degree of confidence in applying these new frameworks to your own professional and practical needs. 

Teaching & Learning Methods: 

  • Management Frameworks  
  • Case Studies  
  • Live Cases  
  • Group Projects 
  • Case Simulations  
  • Company Visits  
  • Individual Projects  
  • Workshops 
  • International Visits  
  • Seminars  
  • Strategy Projects   

You will progress to analysing “live-case” situations through the Study Visit, working with senior management from companies and organisations on exciting change management and strategic planning scenarios. 

By working with the Leadership Development Framework you also have the opportunity to explore your own approaches to leadership and strategic thinking, through the “personal case”. 

Specialist, guest lecturers and industry practitioners from the business world are utilised throughout the programme to complement your learning. 

Study Visits – Managing Business in Context

International Study Visits are an important element in the UCC CUBS Executive MBA experience - a chance for the class to travel and work together over the space of a week. 

They provide an opportunity for students to put into practice their programme learning; critically analysing management issues within an international context, and formulating solutions to these issues. 

Our visits have focused on: 

Working on change management challenges with leading national and regional companies and interacting with senior management personnel on a Team Consulting Project; 

To exploring the nature and challenges of strategic organisational growth, set against a backdrop of regional and national economic development; differing cultural frameworks; and a constantly evolving global business environment. 

We have visited many different cities and regions throughout Europe, including, Bologna, Brussels, Barcelona, Helsinki and Lisbon. 

Leadership Development Framework

Your Personal Learning & Leadership Goals 

Personal Learning and Leadership Development is an important element of the UCC CUBS Executive MBA experience.

Through the Leadership Development Framework, the UCC CUBS Executive MBA challenges you to consider your personal and professional development.

Over the two years you work on your Personal Learning and Leadership Development Goals through a series of workshops and reflective reporting to form the developmental leadership element of your programme experience.

You will explore the scope and nature of your strategic thinking; define learning patterns that you will utilise throughout your career; and become an innovative leader, adaptive to change.

Over the two years of the programme, through analysing leadership case studies with the teaching team, through to analysing live case studies with your peers, to the mapping of your own personal case study, you will experience a learning journey deliberately designed to promote a different way of seeing yourself, your role and values, change possibilities and leadership abilities.

Accreditation and Memberships