CUBS Annual Report

"We need responsible leaders – people not only with vision but who also possess the knowledge, motivation and skills required to deliver a more inclusive and sustainable world for all. Cork University Business School aspires to advance our vision to shape leaders for a sustainable future, through our commitment to research that offers value to society and progressive programmes that combined will help shape the leaders that the world requires. As such our focus explicitly aligns with the ambitious UCC Strategy and its research prioritisation focus as exemplified under UCC Futures. Our strategic research agenda in CUBS is directly aligned with UCC Futures’ aim to produce impactful research that will support our society to thrive and to secure a sustainable future for all.

The progress reported here evidences our collective efforts in embedding the principles of responsible leadership and sustainability which are increasingly at the heart of all that we do in our research, programmes and operations. As leaders in education and research, we are fully committed to the continuous process of change and development that ensures excellence; nurturing graduates that can adapt to changing environments and deliver organisational and societal change. The CUBS Annual Report is an opportunity to revisit the achievements of the previous year and reinforce our ambition to be known as a globally renowned school in how we shape leaders to deliver a more sustainable future for all. It is my great honour to serve as Interim Dean of Ireland’s largest business school, with over 4,000 students, during this time of change. While this annual report celebrates the achievements of our faculty, staff and students over the last year, we hope you will join us in looking ahead as we build collaborative new relationships that will strengthen us all. I encourage you to reach out to us to discuss avenues for mutual support and cooperation to advance our vision"

Professor Anthony McDonnell

Cork University Business School, Interim Dean