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The Cork University Business School website use cookies, which are small text files placed on your computer by the website so that the we can record preferences and analyse how people use the site. The two different types of cookies used are:

  1. Session cookies are used temporarily to preserve the state of your activity between pages, such as passing your choices in a form to the next page. These cookies are transient and are deleted automatically when you close your browser. They are not visible to anything except your browser and are not passed on anywhere else.
  2. Persistent third-party cookies are used to record information about how our site gets used. They only collect anonymous data on the pages people visit, and are not used to identify visitors personally. The information stored in the cookie is transmitted to the cookie provider (see table below) for analysis in order to compile statistical reports on website activity for the University, and to help subsequent pages present more relevant information ("tracking" pixels). The cookie provider may also transfer this information to other parties who provide additional services such as advertising ("retargeting" pixels). These cookies stay on your computer after you close your browser, but you can remove the cookies at any time. (see "How to disable cookies")

Managing and Disabling Cookies

Any cookie that is not Strictly Necessary is not active by default and does not send information to the resource it is called from. By clicking on accept all cookies, you are agreeing to make all cookies, including Functional, Performance and Targeting cookies, active. You can also separately choose whether to allow each of these categories active by clicking on the Cookie Settings below.
You can also modify your cookie preferences for the website at any time by selecting the ‘Cookie Settings’ button on this page.

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Changes to our Cookie Policy

We can change this Cookie Policy at any time. If we make material changes to this Cookie Policy, we will post the changed Cookie Policy on the website.