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Dr Andrew Pope

Andrew Pope


Business Information Systems
2.128 O'Rahilly Building
University College Cork
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Andrew Pope is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Business Information Systems in Cork University Business School, University College Cork. Andrew is co-Director of the Centre for Resilience and Business Continuity (CRBC) and Director of the MSc Design and Development of Digital Business postgraduate programme. Andrew has published in the areas of knowledge management, Decision Support, Emergency Management, Innovation and Design Thinking. In addition to publication activities, Andrew has over 15 years’ experience in publicly and privately funded research projects.


  • English
  • German
  • French
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Research Domains

  • Knowledge Management
  • Innovation in Financial Services
  • The S-HELP Project (FP7 Funded)
  • Unpacking the people, process and technology dimensions of organisational KMS
  •  An Action Research Study of a Government and a Non-Government Organization
  •  Research Partner (Non Disclosure Agreement)
  • Computer Programming( (with a focus on Microsoft .NET technologies))
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Journal article

Year Publication
2018 M.S., R., H., N., S., O., POPE, A., NEVILLE, K. M., O'RIORDAN, S. (2018). An advanced decision support system for European disaster management: the feature of the skills taxonomy. Central European Journal of Operations Research. Details
2008 BUTLER, T., FELLER, J., POPE, A., EMERSON, W., MURPHY, C. (2008). Designing a core IT artefact for Knowledge Management Systems using participatory action research in a government and a non-government organisation. Journal of Strategic Information Systems. Details
2013 NAGLE, T., POPE, A. (2013). Understanding social media business value, a prerequisite for social media selection. Journal of Decision Systems. Details
2021 NUSSBAUMER, A., POPE, A., NEVILLE, K. (2021). A framework for applying ethics‐by‐design to decision support systems for emergency management. Information Systems Journal. doi:10.1111/isj.12350. Details

Book chapter

Year Publication
2006 BUTLER, T., FELLER, J., POPE, A., MURPHY, C. (2006). Making knowledge management systems open: A case study of the role of open source software. Open Source for Knowledge and Learning Management: Strategies Beyond Tools. Details
2016 RAUNER, M., NIESSNER, H., SASSE, L., TOMIC, K., NEVILLE, K. M., POPE, A. (2016). Decision Support for Strategic Disaster Management. First Release of a Wiki. Springer Publishing.
2015 AMAYE, A., NEVILLE, K. M., POPE, A. (2015). Incorporating Mindfulness Mechanisms In Designing Support Systems For Multiagency Interoperability In Emergency Management. WIT Transactions on The Built Environment. Details

Conference paper

Year Publication
2013 O'FLAHERTY, B., POPE, A., THORNTON, C., WOODWORTH, S. (2013). Capturing multi-stakeholder needs in customer-centric cloud service design.
2012 POPE, A., BUTLER, T. (2012). Unpacking the people, process and technology dimensions of organisational KMS.
2017 STEEN, O., POPE, A., RAUNER, M., HOLMBERG, N., WOODWORTH, S., O'RIORDAN, S. (2017). A comprehensive decision support system for enhanced emergency decision management and training. Springer Publishing. Details
2016 AMAYE, A., NEVILLE, K. M., POPE, A. (2016). BigPromises: using organisational mindfulness to integrate big data in emergency management decision making. Details
2016 MCCARTHY, N., NEVILLE, K. M., POPE, A., GALLAGHER, A., NUSSBAUMER, A., STEINER, C. M. (2016). The creation of a training model to support decision-making of emergency management practitioners: a design research study. Details
2016 NEVILLE, K. M., O'RIORDAN, S., POPE, A., RAUNER, M., ROCHFORD, M., MADDEN, M. (2016). Towards the development of a decision support system for multi-agency decision-making during cross-border emergencies. Details
2004 BUTLER, T., FELLER, J., POPE, A., BARRY, P. (2004). Promoting Knowledge Sharing in Government and Non-Government Organizations Using Open Source Software. The pKADS Story. The Electronic Journal of e-Government.
2015 AMAYE, A., NEVILLE, K. M., POPE, A. (2015). Collaborative disciplines, collaborative technologies: A primer for emergency management information systems.
2016 AMAYE, A., NEVILLE, K. M., POPE, A. (2016). Mindful organizing for the CIO: Towards a conceptual model for transformational leadership.
2016 AMAYE, A., NEVILLE, K. M., POPE, A. (2016). A mindfulness based approach to emergency management information systems (EMIS) utilization and performance.
2018 NEVILLE, K. M., POPE, A., O'RIORDAN, S., Ó'LIONÁIRD, M. (2018). Evaluating an emergency management decision support system with practitioner-driven scenarios: Action design research.
2017 AMAYE, A., NEVILLE, K. M., POPE, A. (2017). Design Drift and Reflective Conversation in Design Science Research: A Case Study of Problem Formulation.
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