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Centre for Resilience and Business Continuity (CRBC)


In an economy characterised by globalisation, terrorism, unstable financial systems, and social and political upheaval, an organisation’s ability to adapt and respond to the unexpected is a crucial hallmark of success. The resilient business must safeguard its people, assets and reputation whilst maintaining its core operations. Having built a wealth of experience helping European government agencies and emergency management practitioners to respond to large scale emergencies and disasters, the CRBC applies best practice to build resilient businesses and societies and ensure continuity. The research focus of the centre goes beyond recovery and emphasises the importance of mitigation and planning to minimise the impact of the unexpected. The research centre takes a multi-disciplinary approach to resilience and business continuity planning through the application of best practice and academic research. CRBC, led by Dr Karen Neville, recently coordinated the S-HELP project. S-HELP was a €3.5 million FP7-funded research project to develop to a suite of decision support tools and interoperability standards to aid coordination and control of major disasters across European borders.

The research centre has created a close network of security professionals and researchers to provide turnkey solutions at local, national and international level. In addition to creation of custom software development, CRBC recognises that people are an organisation’s most important asset. There is no substitute for competent, motivated, well-trained staff. Training and collaboration are hallmarks of CRBC’s approach to research which aims to address issues associated with diminished coordination, interoperability, collaboration and threat detection.

Core competencies of the centre include:

  • Creation of interoperability standards to promote collaborative disaster recovery
  • Dedicated decision support software to aid strategic decision makers plan and respond to the unexpected
  • Protection of vulnerable societies
  • Decision making and emergency management training
  • EU Funded Research projects focusing on security and resilience at individual, organisational and societal level
  • Service design and co-creation workshops for resilience training and planning
  • Extensive knowledge of EU civil protection modules
  • Coordination and collaboration for business continuity
  • Organisational learning and knowledge repositories




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