Centre for Sustainable Livelihoods (CSL)



The Centre for Sustainable Livelihoods (CSL), University College Cork, aims to determine and address issues that impact on people's ability to maintain and sustain their livelihoods.

The Centre's role encompasses research, development, training and advocacy in areas related to attaining sustainable livelihoods, both in the South and North. It brings together relief and development practitioners and academics drawn from the fields of food science, human nutrition, geography, politics, agriculture, economics, sociology, anthropology, and others. The Centre encourages networking between public and private action, South and North, between the economically rich countries and the disadvantaged in the Majority World.

Originally established in 1998 to commemorate Ireland's Great Famine, the Centre shifted its focus in 2003 to encompass a greater breadth of livelihood issues. The Centre is committed to research, advocacy and action in countries threatened by food insecurity. A key goal of the Centre is to broaden and deepen the world's understanding of food and nutrition security, agricultural innovation and development, environment and livelihood issues. As such it conducts actions along several broad strands - the linkages between poverty, food production and livelihood sustainability; governance and society; globalisation and economic change; climate change and natural resource management; value chain analysis and market development and analysis. The Centre provides information and expertise for a range of individuals and groups including policy makers, NGOs, other research institutions and the general public. The Centre sees the ongoing participation of key stakeholders in the South as a critical component of successful service delivery.


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