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The continuing mission of the Centre for Sustainable Livelihoods is to promote quality in research and education in development studies, the exchange of relevant information for development, the strengthening of relevant development knowledge at the regional and global level, and influencing both national and international decision-makers in the development co-operation field.

As part of its mission, the Centre provides the following services. These are offered to both academic and civil society in the South and North:

  • Primary research and information dissemination on issues related to livelihood security, development, environment and aid.
  • Consultancy services in a broad range of areas for academic, governmental and NGO institutions.
  • Facilitating and organising of workshops, seminars and conferences
  • Provision of information on livelihood security issues, e.g. through production of briefing papers.
  • Interdisciplinary network within the Colleges, within UCC, and partner institutions to analyse and find solutions to the challenges of developing societies;
  • To improve and ensure the effectiveness of collaborative networks in building formidable development policies and programmes through research; and
  • To create and train a pool of appropriately skilled people for future generations in development leadership roles.


Research is one of the key pillars on which the Centre for Sustainable Livelihoods has been built over the years. CSL researchers are theoretically informed and empirically validated.