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Global Business Research Symposium

By: Alan Drumm | Posted on: 21 Jul 2017

Global Business Research Symposium

This summer CUBS will be staging the prestigious Global Business Research Symposium between July 26-28.

The Global Business Research Symposium originated from the Financial Services Institute at the Tobin College of Business, St. John’s University in New York to provide an educational and research facility dedicated to the advancement of business and financial knowledge through research in a global setting and is now in its 12th year.

Following a decade of economic uncertainty resulting from the financial crisis, event organisers, St. John’s College New York, have this year selected a topical conference theme - “The Quest For Stability”.

Speakers from around the globe will be debating issues such as banking, finance, tech and economics, with proposed expert panels discussing;

  • Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk Management: Current issues and application differences in  academia and practice
  • Economics/Finance: Challenges to sustained growth, stability, and macro prudential policies
  • Management: Reflecting your mission in a curriculum/organization
  • Marketing: Designing customer-centered services that stand the test of time
  • Meet the Editors: Tips for preparing research for publication across borders

In keeping with the theme, Professor Anthony McDonnell added the conference, on a macro level, will examine the pillars of sustainable development, stability, entrepreneurship and economic mobility.

Speakers will be honing in on issues such as performance management, responsible management and financial reporting and auditing.

Within an Irish context, Charles M.A. Clark (St. John’s University), Catherine Kavanagh, (University College Cork) and Niall Hegarty (SJU), will be asking how Ireland’s economy is really performing. While Gail Sheppard (Institute of Technology Tallaght), Matthias Beck (UCC), and Jason Berkowitz (SJU) will be debating the sustainability of public private partnership in Ireland.

In all, Professor McDonnell expects between 70-80 delegates to attend the symposium, with some travelling from the United States, China, Germany, Spain, Poland, Nigeria and Bahrain. Among them will be representatives from companies such as BDO and AXA, with CUBS supplying 16 speakers.

The symposium is sponsored by University College Cork, Ireland; St. Johns University, New York; University of Economics in Katowice, Poland; Southern New Hampshire University, USA; Beykent University, Istanbul.

Event details can be found here