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Creativity, curiosity and courage

By: Prof. Joe Feller | Posted on: 29 Mar 2018

Creativity, curiosity and courage

The creativity to see beyond what is, and imagine what might be. The curiosity to constantly explore, experiment, and discover. The courage to make mistakes – a natural and necessary part of learning and discovery – and the courage to share and express our unique talents and novel perspectives with those around us.

These are attributes commonly associated with great artists. They are also the core attributes of great information systems professionals; the individuals whose work fundamentally transforms organizations, industries, and societies.

Since its inception, Business Information Systems has been committed to the personal and professional development of the whole person.

We believe that human empathy is as important as business savvy. We believe that knowing why to use technology is as important as knowing how. And above all, we believe that our core mission is to help students nurture their own creativity, curiosity, and courage, so that they might forge truly extraordinary careers by seeing, thinking, and acting differently.

The annual BIS Anthology, which allows our students to share their visual, verbal, and musical talents with each other and with the world, is an important part of how we pursue this mission.

This year is very special to us as we celebrated 20 years of this unique aspect of the BIS experience. In honour of the anniversary, staff were also invited to contribute work to this year’s anthology.  A retrospective exhibition of the anthology artwork was featured recently at UCC’s Lewis Glucksman Gallery.


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