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Research Projects

Organisations continue to face complex performance drivers including globalisation, improving productivity, and innovation. These drivers have implications on people which subsequently has a major impact on the ability of organisations to be successful and sustainable entities.

When effective, human resource management can contribute greatly to a successful, sustainable organisation through the accomplishment of strategic objectives whilst also providing a positive workplace experience for people. The acknowledgement of the importance of a firm’s human capital is increasingly recognised through the sustained interest and focus, amongst national and international policy makers, and organisations on the importance of talent.

The following outlines some of the most significant projects being currently undertaken by HRRC members. If you wish to discuss these projects or potential new research opportunities, please contact the Centre Directors.

HR in MNCs

In collaboration with universities across 10 countries, this study examines how MNCS manage their people across different home and host contexts. This study has been supported by the IRCHSS, EU Marie Curie Funding and different national level funding agencies over the past 10 years and continues to be a key data source for publications. 

HR Careers Study 

In conjunction with the Irish Institute of Training and Development, we are carrying out a quantitative study of the careers of HR Professionals in Ireland. Specifically, we are looking at individuals’ career needs and aspirations, career networking efforts, and how HR professionals manage their careers.

Diversity & Inclusion Study

We are currently engaged in a longitudinal study on Diversity & Inclusion across the Irish subsidiaries of a US medical devices MNC. Specifically, we are studying what factors impact on lower levels of female employees in mid-level and senior level management positions. This research is expected to continue until 2020.

Knowledge Management Study

We are conducting a study with colleagues from Maynooth University on knowledge management in organisations. Specifically, we are looking at the factors that shape knowledge behaviours.

Talent Management in MNCs operating in Poland

This study, conducted with colleagues at the Poznan University of Economics and University of Hull is focused on exploring the extent to which MNCs in Poland adopt sophisticated approaches to talent management and the impact this has on performance. 

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