Dr Tom O'Kane



Business Information Systems
University College Cork
Cork University Business School

[email protected]




Current position October 2007 to present:



  • Advanced Tools & Methods for Information Systems (Undergraduate level)
  • Final Year Project supervision (Undergraduate level)
  • Software Project Management (Masters level)

  • Business Data Strategy and Management (Masters level)

  • PhD Supervision of one candidate


  • Development of a cultural diagnostic for AML to enable financial institutions rapidly assess the culture of compliance for AML within their businesses.



      Undergraduate exams coordinator for BIS

      BIS representative on CUBS academic exams coordination board


      Previous Appointment 2004-2007:

      Principal Engineer and Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff - Motorola Systems & Software Engineering Research Labs


        Conducting research into a diverse range of software related topics:


        • Capability Maturity Models

        • Development methodologies

        • Software process control

        • Data strategy and management



        Grants and Honours

        • 26/05/2016 - Regulatory Compliance Maturity Model (RMM) For Anti-Money Laundering Preperation of Commercilaisation Plan
        • 07/01/2016 - The regulatory maturity model for anti-money laundering.
        • 26/10/2015 - The Mizen Group "Validation of Reg Maturity Model For Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Diagnostics.
        • 01/01/2009 - EI - Innovation Voucher Transaction Based Pricing
        • 01/01/2008 - EI - ERS to develop an innovative software product to assist company registries in the processing of applications for new company names.
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        Research Domains

        • Action Research
        • Quality management
        • Software test capability  
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        • 9999 - Doctoral Degree, University College Cork (Thesis Primary Supervisor)
        • 9999 - Doctoral Degree, University College Cork (Thesis Primary Supervisor)
        • 2019 - Doctoral Degree, University College Cork (Thesis Primary Supervisor)
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        Journal article

        Year Publication
        2013 ZARABZADEH, A., O'DONOGHUE, J., O'CONNOR, Y., O'KANE, T., WOODWORTH, S., GALLAGHER, J., ... O'CONNOR, S. (2013). Variation in health care providers' perceptions: Decision making based on patient vital signs. Journal of Decision Systems. doi:10.1080/12460125.2013.817063. Details
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        2007 O'KANE, T. (2007). Industry-university collaborations in research for information systems: An exploratory study of a management model. Information Systems and Technology Education: From the University to the Workplace.

        Book chapter

        Year Publication
        2012 O'KANE, T., O'DONOGHUE, J., GALLAGHER, J., AFTAB, A., CASEY, A., COURTNEY, G. (2012). Electronic-Early Warning Scorecard: An Intelligent Context Aware Decision Making Approach for Patient Monitoring. Handbook of Ambient Assisted Living.

        Magazine article

        Year Publication
        2003 FITZGERALD, B., O'KANE, T., RUSSO, N. L. (2003). Software development method tailoring at Motorola. Communications of the ACM. doi:10.1145/641205.641206. Details


        Year Publication
        2010 O'KANE, T., O'DONOGHUE, J., GALLAGHER, J., AFTAB, A., CASEY, A., ANGOVE, P., ... COURTNEY, G. (2010). MEWS to e-MEWS: From a paper-based to an electronic Clinical decision support system.
        2013 CREEDON, F., O'DONOGHUE, J., O'KANE, T., ADAM, F., WOODWORTH, S., O’CONNOR, S. (2013). An approach for reflectively discovering and synthesizing design knowledge for situated artifacts: The case of the early warning score chart. Communications in Computer and Information Science.
        2012 ZARABZADEH, A., ADAM, F., O'DONOGHUE, J., O'CONNELL, M., O'CONNOR, S., WOODWORTH, S., ... O'KANE, T. (2012). Moving towards a sensor-based patient monitoring system: Evaluating its impact on data and information quality.
        2012 ZARABZADEH, A., O'CONNELL, M., O'DONOGHUE, J., O'KANE, T., WOODWORTH, S., ADAM, F., ... O'CONNOR, S. (2012). Features of electronic early warning systems which impact clinical decision making. Details
        2014 CREEDON, F., O'KANE, T., ADAM, F., O'DONOGHUE, J., WOODWORTH, S., O'CONNOR, S. (2014). Evaluating the utility of the irish HSE's paper based early warning score chart: A reflective data gathering phase for the design of the REVIEWS framework. Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications. Details
        2010 O'DONOGHUE, J., O'KANE, T., GALLAGHER, J., COURTNEY, G., AFTAB, A., CASEY, A., ... ANGOVE, P. (2010). The application of a patient assessment data quality model to the modified early warning scorecard.
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