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Dr Margaret Healy



Accounting & Finance
3.21 O'Rahilly Building
University College Cork
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Dr Margaret Healy is a lecturer in the Department of Accounting Finance, University College Cork. 

Grants and Honours

  • 01/01/2011 - Best Emerging Paper Award: BAFA Ac Ed SIG Annual Conference, British Accounting & Finance Association - Accounting Education SIG Annual conference
  • 01/01/2010 - Best Paper Award: IAM Annual Conference (Education Stream), Irish Academy of Management Annual Conference
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Research Domains

  • Accounting Education
  • Management Accounting
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  • 2012 - A comparison between accounting and non-accounting students' motivations to study, attitudes to their chosen subject and views of the accounting profession (Thesis Primary Supervisor)
  • 2014 - Performance Measurement and Innovation: A Case Study Perspective, University College Cork (Thesis Primary Supervisor)
  • 2018 - DNP (Thesis Primary Supervisor)
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Journal article

Year Publication
2011 DORAN, J., HEALY, M., MCCUTCHEON, M., O'CALLAGHAN, S. (2011). Adapting Case-Based Teaching to Large Class Settings: An Action Research Approach. Accounting Education. Details
2018 HEALY, M., DORAN, J., MCCUCHEON, M., MCCUTCHEON, M. (2018). Cooperative learning outcomes from cumulative experiences of group work: differences in student perceptions. Accounting Education. Details
2018 HEALY, M., CLEARY, P., WALSH, E. (2018). Innovativeness and accounting practices: an empirical investigation. Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management. Details
2011 DORAN, J., HEALY, M., MCCUTCHEON, M., O'CALLAGHAN, S. (2011). From Beyond the Grade: Reflections on Assessments in the Context of Case-Based Teaching. Irish Journal of Management.
2012 DORAN, J., HEALY, M., MCCUTCHEON, M., O'CALLAGHAN, S. (2012). Knowledge of the Business Environment: Exploring Engagement with and Discrimination between Business Media among First-Year and Final-Year Students. Irish Accounting Review.
2011 DORAN, J., HEALY, M., MCCUTCHEON, M., O'CALLAGHAN, S. (2011). Case Studies in Large and Small Classes: Common Approaches, Different Responses. Irish Accounting Review.
2010 HEALY, M., MCCUTCHEON, M., O'SULLIVAN ROCHFORD, C., CARR, M. (2010). Exploring the potential for technology to enhance the operation of student support centres.
2014 HEALY, M., MCCUTCHEON, M., DORAN, J. (2014). Student Views on Assessment Activities: Perspectives from their Experience on an Undergraduate Programme. Accounting Education. Details
2019 HEALY, M. (2019). Approaches to Learning Through Group Work: An empirical analysis of Student Perceptions. Accounting, Finance & Governance Review.
2019 HEALY, M., MURPHY, B. (2019). Editorial Comments, Accounting, Finance & Governance Review, Special Issue on Accounting Education. Accounting, Finance and Governance Review.
2010 HEALY, M., MCCUTCHEON, M. (2010). Teaching with case studies: An empirical investigation of accounting lecturers' experiences. Accounting Education. Details

Research tool

Year Publication
1999 ADAM, F., HEALY, M. (1999). Practical Guide to Postgraduate Research in the Business Area.

Magazine article

Year Publication
2020 HEALY, M., MCBRIDE, H., DOYLE, E., BUCKLEY, P., FARRELL, M. (2020). Innovations in Third-level Accounting Education. Thought Leadership article. Accountancy Ireland.


Year Publication
2013 DORAN, J., HEALY, M. (2013). Solution to Delaney's Bakehouse Breads case.
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