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Dr Gaye Kiely




Business Information Systems ORB 2.114 O'Rahilly Building Cork University Business School University College Cork

+353 21 490 3828 LinkedIn profile ORCID profile


Dr. Gaye Kiely is a college lecturer and researcher at University College Cork. She received her BSc. Business Information Systems (BIS) in 1998. After working as an IT consultant (focusing on web development), she returned to academia, receiving her MSc. (Research) in 2001. Since 2000, she has held the position of lecturer within the BIS Department teaching business analysis, database theory, data modelling, systems development and programming. In addition to teaching, she is the Co-Director of the BSc. Business Information Systems programme. Dr. Kiely currently holds the position of BSc. BIS programme Co-Director. Dr. Kiely's early research interests were focused on the use of lifecycle models and methodologies for software development. Dr. Kiely was awarded her PhD on the topic of coordination mechanisms in global virtual teams for software development projects. More recently, her research work has shifted towards open data, collaborative work, inclusion, and community sustainability. Dr. Kiely is Co-Principal Investigator for the TOTO (Technology-Enabled Organizational Transparency and Openness) Project.