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Carol Kelleher


Management & Marketing
O Rahilly Building
Cork University Business School
Cork University Business School

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Carol is a Senior Lecturer in Service Management and Design in Cork University Business School.  Having spent over ten years in industry in various executive roles including working as a Management Consultant and as a Senior Brand Manager, Carol commenced her academic career in Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) in 2004. 

Carol joined UCC in August 2007, where she is involved in lecturing on postgraduate, undergraduate and executive programmes. Carol was awarded her PhD in Marketing from the triple accredited Cranfield School of Management , Cranfield University, United Kingdom in 2013. Carol was also awarded a Masters in Business Studies (1st Degree Hons) from the Smurfit School of Business, UCD and an MSc in Executive in Executive and Personal Coaching (1st  Degree Hons) from UCC. She also has a Higher Diploma and Certificiate in Teaching and Learning Sin Higher Education from UCC. She is currently completing a Doctorate in Social Sciences (DSocSc), a collaborative professional learning and research programme, at UCC (2023-2027).

Together with Professor Patricia Kearney, UCC School of Public Health, Carol is Co-PI for the PPI Ignite@UCC  network (2022-2026). She is also member of the Executive Management team of UCC's interdisciplinary Institute of Social Science of the 21st Century (ISS21) and co-leads UCC's ISS21 Caring Working Group. Other membership roles include UCC Academic Council (non-professorial member), the UCC College of Business and Law Athena Swan Equality and Diversity Commitee member, CUBS Postgraduate Research Committee and Department Postgraduate Director.

Carol has received a number of international and national awards and grants (including four Irish Research Council New Foundation awards) for her interdisciplinary research in the areas of  care and care relations in health and social care contexts. . Her other research interests relate to co-creation, collective consumption and service design/management. She was awarded UCC Early Career Researcher of the year in 2019, as well as UCC College of Business and Law Early Career Researcher of the year.


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Grants and Honours

  • 01/12/2020 - CUBS Research Excellence Award, Cork University Business School
  • 01/11/2019 - New Foundations CARERENGAGE Centering and Embedding Family Carers in the Co-Production of Carer Research, Supports and Policy, Irish Research Council
  • 01/09/2019 - Early Career Researcher of the Year, University College Cork
  • 01/05/2019 - CUBS Research Excellence Award, Cork University Business School
  • 01/03/2019 - Early Career Researcher of the Year, College of Business and Law
  • 01/09/2018 - College of Business and Law Strategic Research Fund, College of Business and Law
  • 01/05/2018 - CUBS Research Excellence Award, Cork University Business School
  • 01/09/2017 - Department of Management and Marketing Small Project Funding, Department of Management and Marketing, UCC
  • 01/04/2017 - Transformative Consumer Research Grand - Family Experience of Dementia Care, Association for Consumer Research
  • 01/06/2016 - New Foundations Post-Caregiving: Family Carers Experiences of Role and Identity Transition on Cessation of the Caring Role., Irish Research Council
  • 01/09/2015 - UCC Strategic Research Fund, University College Cork
  • 01/01/2015 - Journal of Service Research coauthored article (2012) listed as top twenty most cited marketing articles in the four year period 2011 - 2015
  • 01/01/2013 - Conference Best Paper Award Naples Forum of Service
  • 01/01/2012 - American Marketing Association Services Marketing SIG (AMS Servsig) Conference - Conference Best Paper Award
  • 01/12/2010 - Innovation Voucher: Sustainable mobility for a university campus community - Avego's Shared Transport system., Enterprise Ireland
  • 01/12/2010 - Strand I: Postgraduate R & D Skills Programme, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • 01/01/2008 - Best Paper Award Value Co-Creation Track - Helkkula, A. & C. Kelleher
  • 01/01/2008 - Recipient of scholarship and bursary to attend the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Colloquium on Service-Dominant Logic 2008 and Logic and Science of Service Conference 2008
  • 01/01/2007 - Recipient of the American Marketing Association (AMA) & Arizona State University Centre for Services Leadership (ASU CSL) Liam Glynn PhD Research Scholarship Award, Oct 2007
  • 01/01/2007 - American Marketing Association and ASU CSL scholarship to attend the AMA SERVSIG Doctoral Colloquium and the Frontiers in Services Conference
  • 01/01/2005 - Best paper award Marketing track - Kennedy A., Kelleher C. & M. Quigley (2005), CRM Best Practice: Getting it Right First Time at ESBI, Proceedings of the Irish Academy of Marketing (IAM) Conference, Irish Academy of Management (IAM)
  • 01/01/1999 - Italian Government bursary to attend Universita di Perugia, Umbria, Italy for one month
  • ISS 21 Interdisciplinary Ageing Research Collaboration, University College Cork
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Other Activities

  • 28/06/2021 - Transformative Consumer Research Conference
  • 01/02/2021 - European Journal of Management
  • 01/10/2020 - Association of Consumer Research Conference
  • 01/10/2020 - Association of Consumer Research Conference
  • 20/08/2019 - 14th Conference of the European Sociological Association
  • 04/07/2019 - Naples Forum on Service,
  • 10/06/2019 - QUIS16, The 16th International Research Symposium on Advancing Service Research and Practice
  • 06/09/2018 - Frontiers in Service
  • 03/09/2018 - Irish Academy of Management Conference
  • 19/06/2018 - Maximising the Potential for Carer Research and Knowledge, Care Alliance Ireland Family Carer Research Network
  • 17/06/2018 - Care Transitions: Research and Clinical Experience in Ireland: The POSTCARE Project
  • 10/06/2018 - 15th International Research Conference in Service Management
  • 02/02/2018 - Member of the UCC College of Business and Law Athena Swan Diversity and Equality Committee, College of Business and Law
  • 01/02/2018 - Member of UCC Athena Swan Equality Diversity and Inclusion Commitee, University College Cork
  • 01/02/2018 - Journal of Business Research
  • 02/01/2018 - Journal of Service Research
  • 26/10/2017 - Association of Consumer Research North American Conference
  • 04/10/2017 - 7th International Carers Conference
  • 29/08/2017 - 13th European Sociological Association Conference
  • 12/06/2017 - QUIS 15
  • 06/06/2017 - 5th Naples Forum on Service
  • 15/03/2016 - Anthropological Association of Ireland (AAI) Annual Conference
  • 07/01/2016 - Agricultural Economics Society of Ireland (AESI) Conference
  • 01/10/2015 - Association of Consumer Research (ACR) Conference
  • 15/05/2015 - Naples Forum on Service
  • 15/05/2015 - 4th Naples Forum on Service
  • 02/09/2014 - Cork Institute of Technology, Cork Institute of Technology
  • 26/06/2014 - Consumer Culture Theory Conference,
  • 26/06/2014 - Consumer Culture Theory Conference
  • 24/06/2014 - INBAM (International Network of Business and Management Journals Conference
  • 16/06/2014 - Forum for Markets and Marketing,
  • 01/02/2014 - Irish Academy of Management
  • 01/09/2013 - 19th International Nursing Ethics Conference
  • 16/06/2013 - Consumer Culture Theory Workshop VII
  • 18/05/2013 - 3rd Naples Forum on Service
  • 15/05/2013 - Academy of Marketing Science Conference
  • 10/05/2013 - QUIS 13
  • 10/12/2012 - Forum for Markets and Marketing (FMM)
  • 16/08/2012 - 7th Consumer Culture Theory Conference,
  • 07/06/2012 - American Marketing Association Services Marketing SIG (AMA Servsig) Conference
  • 07/06/2012 - American Marketing Association Services Marketing SIG (AMA Servsig) Conference,
  • 27/09/2011 - International Colloquium in Relationship Marketing.
  • 01/09/2011 - Irish Academy of Management
  • 07/07/2011 - Consumer Culture Theory Conference.
  • 13/06/2011 - 2nd Naples Forum on Service
  • 23/09/2010 - FMM 2010 The Forum on Markets and Marketing: Extending Service-Dominant Logic,
  • 30/06/2010 - European Conference of the Association of Consumer Research
  • 17/06/2010 - AMA Servsig International Service Research Conferenc
  • 10/06/2010 - 19th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference.
  • 25/05/2010 - 11th International Research Seminar in Service Management,
  • 01/01/2010 - Journal of Marketing Management
  • 03/09/2009 - Irish Academy of Management (IAM) conference
  • 03/09/2009 - Irish Academy of Management (IAM) conference
  • 16/06/2009 - The 2009 Naples Forum on Service-Dominant Logic, Service Science and Network Theory
  • 11/06/2009 - Quality in Services Symposium QUIS 11 Services Marketing Conference
  • 10/06/2009 - Tenth International Conference on HRD Research and Practice across Europe
  • 02/05/2009 - EIASM 5th Workshop on Interpretive Consumer Research
  • 02/02/2009 - External Examiner, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • 03/09/2008 - Irish Academy of Management Conference,
  • 06/08/2008 - 22nd Service Conference and Workshop
  • 06/08/2008 - 22nd Service Conference and Workshop
  • 08/07/2008 - Academy of Marketing Annual Conference,
  • 05/06/2008 - AMA SERVSIG International Research Conference
  • 01/06/2007 - Global Mobility Roundtable
  • 16/05/2007 - European Academy of Management (EURAM) Conference
  • 03/05/2007 - Irish Academy of Management (IAM) Conference
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Pedagogic Experiences

  • 2021 - Qualitative Research Methods, Cork University Business School
  • 2020 - Research Methods, Cork University Business School
  • 2019 - Service Design, Cork University Business School
  • 2015 - Service Marketing, University of Naples Federico II
  • 2015 - Strategic Marketing, Cork University Business School
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Research Domains

  • Services Marketing
  • Critical marketing
  • Service Design
  • Value Co-creation
  • Consumer Research
  • Care and Caring
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Journal article

Year Publication
2017 SEO, Y., KELLEHER, C., BRODIE, R. J. (2017). Broadening brand engagement within the service-centric perspective: An intersubjective hermeneutic framework. Journal of Service Theory and Practice. doi:10.1108/JSTP-02-2015-0055. Details
2017 O'RIORDAN, J., KELLEHER, C., O’HADHMAILL, F. (2017). Interdependence and the transformative potential of caring relations. Irish Journal of Anthropology.
2017 ROSENBAUM, M. S., KELLEHER, C., FRIMAN, M., KRISTENSSON, P., SCHERER, A. (2017). Re-placing place in marketing: A resource-exchange place perspective. Journal of Business Research. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2017.01.009. Details
2016 QUERO, M. J., VENTURA, R., KELLEHER, C. (2016). Value-in-context in crowdfunding ecosystems: how context frames value co-creation. Service Business. doi:10.1007/s11628-016-0314-5. Details
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2020 PEÑALOZA, L., KELLEHER, C., WILSON, H. N., MACDONALD, L. (2020). Enabling Participation in a High-Competence Cultural Community of Practice: Negotiating the Inclusion-Exclusion Dilemma. Advances in Consumer Research, 48.
2021 GUMMERUS, J., O’LOUGHLIN, D., KELLEHER, C., PEÑALOZA, L. (2021). Shifting sands: Actor role and identity reconfigurations in service systems. Journal of Business Research, 71, 7. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2021.08.001. Details
2023 O’RIORDAN, J., DALY, F., LOUGHNANE, C., KELLEHER, C., EDWARDS, C. (2023). CareVisions: Enacting the Feminist Ethics of Care in Empirical Research. Ethics and Social Welfare. doi:10.1080/17496535.2023.2173794. Details
2023 LOUGHNANE, C., KELLEHER, C., EDWARDS, C. (2023). Care full deliberation? Care work and Ireland's citizens’ assembly on gender equality. Critical Social Policy. doi:10.1177/02610183231169195. Details
2023 O’LOUGHLIN, D., GUMMERUS, J., KELLEHER, C. (2023). It Never Ends: Vulnerable Consumers’ Experiences of Persistent Liminality and Resource (Mis)Integration. Journal of Service Research. doi:10.1177/10946705231184610. Details

Book chapter

Year Publication
2011 KELLEHER, C., WHALLEY, A., HELKKULA, A. (2011). Collaborative value co-creation in crowd-sourced online communities - Acknowledging and resolving competing commercial and communal orientations. Research in Consumer Behavior. Emerald Publishing. Details
2016 KELLEHER, C., CÉILLEACHAIR, A. Ó., HELKKULA, A., PEPPARD, J. (2016). Value proposal co-creation in online community-based idea contests. Springer Publishing. Details
2017 KELLEHER, C., PEÑALOZA, L. (2017). Aging and consumption. Routledge Handbook on Consumption. Routledge. Details

Conference paper

Year Publication
2011 KELLEHER, C. (2011). Consumer experience of value creation – a phenomenological perspective.

Journal issue

Year Publication
2010 KELLEHER, C. (2010). Circularity of customer service experience and customer perceived value.


Year Publication
2013 KELLEHER, C. (2013). Interpreting the score: participant experiences of value co-creation in a collaborative consumption contexts.
2019 KELLEHER, C. (2019). An Exploration of the Experience and Impact of Coaching in Irish Primary Schools.


Year Publication
2017 KELLEHER, C., O'RIORDAN, J. (2017). Post-Caregiving: Family Carers’ Experiences of Cessation of the Caring Post-Caregiving: Family Carers’ Experiences of Cessation of the Caring Role – Implications for Policy and Practice. Irish Research Council New Foundations Report. Retrieved from https://familycarers.ie/media/1418/irc-nf-postcare-report-final.pdf
2016 KELLEHER, C. (2016). A fine balance: mental health and family caring. Irish Research Council New Foundations Report for Family Carers Ireland.
2009 KELLEHER, C. (2009). The web experience -Trends in e-service'. Report commissioned and published by the Institute of Customer Service (ICS), UK.


Year Publication
2017 KELLEHER, C., O'LOUGHLIN, D. (2017). Navigating symbolic pollution through symbolic boundary work – shaping a sense of home and family in family assemblages. Advances in Consumer Research.
2016 KELLEHER, C., O'RIORDAN, J. (2016). Life after care: family carers’ experiences of role and identity transition on cessation of the caring role. Family Carers Ireland, Ireland.
2015 KELLEHER, C. (2015). Short Film We Care Let's Care Family Carers' Experiences of Life After Care.
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