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Dr Ann Kirby

Ann Kirby


University College Cork
Cork University Business School

[email protected] ORCID profile


Dr Ann Kirby is a lecturer in the School of Economics, UCC. She completed a PhD in the University of Ulster, Jordanstown. Her principal research interests are in the area of ??Health Economics and economic evaluations. Ann was the Program Director for the Postgraduate Diploma in Health Economics Practice in UCC. In addition, Ann and colleagues from the Health Economics group in the School of Economics in UCC have run a series of Executive Workshops on Economic Evaluations and Survey Methods. She has published in this area in the Journal of Public Health Nutrition and in the Journal of Economic and Social Review.

Recently projects include the Food Choice at Work study (including an economic evaluation of work place interventions) and collaborations with Mercy University Hospital (cost analysis of Warfarin and a RCT on mobility amongst the elderly), Cork University Hospital (effects of NOACs on cardioversion use and costs for patients with Atrial Fibrillation). Recently, she has complted a series of analyzes on the anticoagulant prescribing landscape in Ireland in conjunction with the Department of General Practice in UCC as well as completing a HTA for a medical device through the Health Innovation Hub. 

Previously she has supervised research assistants, as well as supervising doctoral (2) and post graduate students (> 28). Ann has been awarded funding as a collaborator on grants from for example the Food Safety Promotions Board.

Grants and Honours

  • 20/04/2017 - Study on the Implications of new economic models on different stakeholder groups -the case of different eco-systems, European Commission
  • 20/04/2004 - Standard of health eating on the Island of Ireland, Safefood
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Research Domains

  • Microeconomics for Business
  • Health Economics  
  • Survey Research Methods  
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Journal article

Year Publication
2017 FITZGERALD, S., KIRBY, A., MURPHY, A., GEANEY, F., PERRY, I. (2017). A cost-analysis of complex workplace nutrition education and environmental dietary modification interventions. BMC Public Health. Details
2016 O’SHEA, M., MURPHY, A., KIRBY, A., ALLEN, G., O’SHEA, S., CURTIN, R. (2016). A cost minimisation analysis of NOACs compared to warfarin to attain therapeutic anticoagulation amongst AF patients, pre- and post- cardioversion. Irish Medical Journal.
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2020 KIRBY, A., MURPHY, A., BRADLEY, C. (2020). From novel to routine: New oral anticoagulants for stroke prevention in primary care in Ireland. British Journal of Health Care Management, 26 (12). doi:10.12968/bjhc.2020.0013. Details
2020 MURPHY, A., BROSNAN, S., MCCARTHY, S., O'REILLY, P., BRADLEY, C., KIRBY, A. (2020). World Café approach: Exploring the future vision of oral anticoagulants for patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) in Ireland. BMJ Open, 10 (9). doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2019-036493. Details
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Year Publication
2017 DORAN, J., BOURKE, J., KIRBY, A. (2017). Introduction to Applied Econometrics and Analysis Using Stata. Oak Tree Press.
2016 BOURKE, J., KIRBY, A., DORAN, J. (2016). Survey & Questionnaire Design: Collecting Primary Data to Answer Research Questions. Oak Tree Press.

Conference abstract

Year Publication
2017 MURPHY, A., KIRBY, A., BRADLEY, C., BROWNE, J. (2017). The Cost Of Prescribing Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACS) – There Is A Drug Cost But What Else?. Details
2017 FITZGERALD, S., MURPHY, A., KIRBY, A., GEANEY, F., PERRY, I. (2017). An economic evaluation of a complex workplace dietary intervention: a cluster controlled trial. Details
2016 KIRBY, A., MURPHY, A., BRADLEY, C. (2016). Analysing the Prescribing Landscape for Oral Anticoagulants. Details
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