Please find below answers to commonly asked questions for students about the BComm.  If you have any further queries, please contact [email protected] 
For additional general information about undergraduate study at CUBS, please refer to the online Student/ Staff Handbook.

The most important thing is that each student must ensure they are undertaking 60 credits of modules from that specified in the academic calendar of the BComm programme . In choosing your Major at the start of Year 3, it is important that you make your choice based on the module options across years 3 and year 4 and pick the collective option that aligns best with your individual strengths and interests.

Students may also take up to 10 additional credits in addition to their 60 core credits.  Please note that the fee for taking every 5 additional credits will be 1/12th of the full year tuition fee for the programme. 

If the module is core to the programme then it must be completed as part of the programme.  If it is an elective module, then there is a window of two-weeks where an alternative elective module can be chosen.  This change must be made at the Student Records and Examinations office.  It is not possible to change a module after this time… so it is important that students make informed choices by reviewing the book of modules .


Each student must complete 60 credits across the two semesters and thus it is advisable to take a balanced workload of 30-credits in each semester.  The maximum credits allowable in any one semester is 40-credits.

The choice of which specific transferrable skills module (e.g. Work Placement, Research Project or Entrepreneurial Work Placement) is an individual choice for each student.  The most important thing is that only one transferrable skills option can be chosen as part of your Year 3 module choice.  

Both the Student Records and Examinations office and the Fees Office are located in the Quad. The quickest way to resolve such problems is to call into the appropriate office (with all relevant documentation) and seek their assistance.

  The examinations timetable is finalised approximately one month before the examinations and will be circulated to all students as soon as it is available. 

The procedures related to UCC examinations online

Unless it a situation that there is a direct clash with the timetabling of two of your modules then there is little that can be done as the examination window is tight and the numbers sitting examinations high. The clash should be brought to the attention of the Year Student Representative, who may decide to bring it to the attention of the Programme Directors if there are a large number of students with the same issue

In the first instance, please make contact with the Student Records and Examinations office and ensure any relevant documentation is provided to them so it can be brought to the attention of the relevant Examination Board. If you are applying for Mitigation or wish to make an Examinations Appeal application then the appropriate procedure is outlined in the UCC procedures regulations.

All relevant documentation should be filed with the Student Records and Examinations office and they will then circulate to the relevant departments and Examination Boards.

In the first instance, please to make an appointment to meet with the BComm Programme Directors to discuss the particular circumstances and explore the most appropriate course of action.

Applications for Semester and Year Abroad opportunities are considered during Year 2 of the programme.  An information evening for interested candidates will be held by the International Office during semester 1 of Year 2.   This option is ONLY available to students who -

  1.  obtain at least 55% in their first attempt of the First University Examination in Commerce, and who
  2. pass all modules and obtain at least 60% in the first semester of the Second University Examination in Commerce

Please see here for programme details.  You may also be interested in events that are relevant to prospective students.

Student Records and Examinations (SREO) will stamp and complete official forms ie Medical Card, Drugs Payment, Social Welfare, etc. 

Email SREO

For information on Internal Transfers see calendar.

If you have further questions e-mail the BComm Programme Directors.