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Study Abroad


Year 2 Study Abroad Opportunity

In November of your second year you will be given the opportunity to apply for the Study Abroad Programme. A presentation will be made at this time, highlighting what the year involves and the application process. The application process is managed by International Education Office in conjunction with the Director of the BComm programme.


To be eligible to apply for the Study Abroad Programme you must obtain Second Class honours in your 1st year BComm Summer exams, with an overall minimum grade of 55%. To confirm your ultimate participation in the programme you must also achieve Second Class honours in the 2nd year of your BComm Summer exams, with an overall minimum grade of 55%.

Studying Abroad Fees and Costs

If you do go on the Year Abroad programme you will continue to be registered as a UCC student and will continue to pay whatever registration fee you normally pay to UCC. You will not have to pay tuition fees at your host institution, but you will be responsible for costs associated with your year abroad, e.g. accommodation, food, travel, etc. Your academic transcripts and any other relevant certified documentation from your host university will be appended to your UCC academic transcript.


For more information on the Year Abroad option in the BComm Degree visit the International Education Office web site.

The opportunity to study for the 3rd year of your BComm degree at one of our partner universities offers you new and exciting challenges.

Among the opportunities that this initiative gives you are:

  • To broaden your academic horizons
  • To experience life in a new country
  • To experience cultural differences
  • To meet new people from all over the world
  • To add a new dimension to your degree
  • To network for future academic and professional opportunities
  • To get to know yourself in a completely new environment

We have an extensive list of partner universities available to you on the Study Abroad programme. This list is increasing all the time and currently includes the following universities:



MAUI-Utrecht Network Universities