Health Information Systems Research Centre (HISRC)


The Health Information Systems Research Centre (HISRC) is a research centre, at Cork University Business School at UCC, which seeks to maximise the benefit of adopting Information Systems within community and hospital healthcare. The HISRC builds on and applies lessons learnt in the business, financial, government and public sectors to identify and implement ICT solutions that reduce costs and improve patient health care outcomes. Its philosophy is that ICT, people and processes are interconnected and that this understanding enhances the probability of a successful of application of ICT within the healthcare sector.

Led by Dr Simon Woodworth and Dr Ciara Fitzgerald, the HISRC works closely with other research groups within and outside the business school and UCC. These include the College of Medicine and Health, the School of Nursing and Midwifery, the ASSERT research group, the INFANT national research centre, and the Tyndall national research centre In addition the HISRC has close working relationships with Cork University Hospital, Cork University Maternity Hospital and Nenagh General Hospital.


Some projects currently being undertaken within the HIRSC include:

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