Global Competitiveness Institute (GCI)


The Global Competitiveness Institute (GCI) will serve as a focal point on the island of Ireland for innovative, interdisciplinary research and engagement on all aspects of global competitiveness. 

The big question we address is: How can companies compete more successfully, sustainably and responsibly across borders?  

Through ground breaking and cross-border research, the GCI will activate international insights that enable business and policy leaders to make informed strategic decisions and to proactively manage risk. We will work with our partners to understand and overcome the principal challenges facing international business and global society. These include geopolitical risk, corporate external engagement, trust and legitimacy, host country corruption, and cyber security.  


For a discussion on how the Global Competitiveness Institute could collaborate with your company, agency or organisation, please contact:

Prof. Thomas Lawton | Global Competitiveness Institute | ORB 2.63 | University College Cork | Ireland.

 [email protected] |  +353 (0)21 490 3695 

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