Centre for Sports Economics & Law (CSEL)


The Centre for Sports Economics & Law (CSEL) is a collaborative unit of academics based across the Department of Economics and School of Law. 

The mission of CSEL is to be a centre of excellence in research and a leading hub internationally for sports economics and sports law study and practice. Given the Centre’s interdisciplinary nature, our members endeavour to conduct research at the nexus of the two specialisms. 

CSEL members include: Dr.David Butler (Director, Economics), Dr.Robert Butler (Economics), Prof.Maria Cahill (Law), Dr.John Considine (Economics), Dr.John Eakins (Economics), Dr.Declan Jordan (Economics), Dr.Seán Ó Conaill (Law), Prof. Conor O’Mahony (Law) and Dr.Aisling Parkes (Law) and Prof.Robert Simmons (Adjunct. Economics, (Lancaster University))

CSEL members bring expertise from a variety of backgrounds in their core discipline and have published sports research in many recognised international journals and books. This research has featured in general outlets such as;

The European Journal of Operational Research, The British Journal of Industrial Relations, Public Choice, The Scottish Journal of Political Economy, The Journal of Institutional Economics, Regional Studies, Applied Economics, The Journal of Economic Studies, Economic and Social Review and Oxford Economic Papers.

CSEL members have published research in numerous sport specific outlets such as;

The Journal of Sports Economics, The European Sport Management Quarterly, The International Journal of Sport Finance,  The Handbook on EU Sports Law and Policy, Sport Management Review, Soccer and Society and the Sport and Entertainment Review.

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