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Seamus O'Reilly


Food Business & Development
Cork University Business School
University College Cork
Cork University Business School

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Seamus O’Reilly is a Senior Lecturer in the Cork University Business School, UCC, where he is Academic Director of undergraduate and postgraduate Supply Chain Management (SCM) programmes.  He has received his BSc and MSc from UCC and a PhD from the University of Wales.  Over a 25 year academic career he has worked closely with industry.  On this basis he designed and delivered lean supply chain management programmes for practitioners in multi-national and Irish owned companies spanning sectors such as: food & drinks, pharmaceuticals, medtec, electronics and services.  

As academic director of education in supply chain management he has contributed to the development of a range of part-time programmes from undergraduate (certificate) to postgraduate (masters) levels that are offered through classroom, distance and blended learning formats. These programmes support industry and career development in supply chain management (http://www.ucc.ie/scm/)  and appeal to a variety of people working in a wide range of industries, such as: food and drinks, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electronics, utilities, distribution and services. Through these programmes he has developed range of pedagogical tools to: (i) support a blend of classroom and distance learning methodologies, (ii) build strong delivery partnerships with expert practitioners and (iii) create an interactive learning environment between the workplace and the classroom.   

His research interests in the supply chain management field focus on lean strategy deployment, alignment and performance measurement; business process management (incl. procurement, production planning, order fulfilment, new product introduction); and supply network design.  His service to business has been recognised recently at the National Procurement and Supply Chain Awards with the award of Procurement and Supply Chain Leader 2015. From the outset his research work focused on marketing and distribution channels, including analysis of food SME distribution and marketing networks in Ireland, Italy, Spain and France. Current research includes: network analysis & business ecosystems, supply chain complexity, lean and agile supply chain and process improvement, lean procurement maturity models, supply chain network analysis, buyer-supplier relationship management and talent management and competency development. Research methodologies leverage both action research projects and action learning pedagogies.

He has published in a wide range of international academic journals and has also presented papers at a number of international conferences.  He is a reviewer for a number of international journals including: Journal of Marketing Management, Supply Chain Management - An International Journal; International Journal of Production Economics; Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica C; Food Policy, Journal of Agricultural Economics and International Journal of Logistics Management.  In addition to extensive work within the Irish food industry he has also worked on projects in numerous European countries (including: the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Spain) as well as overseas in Chile, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia 

Grants and Honours

  • 24/09/2018 - Protecting the Integrity of the Irish agri-food system, Teagasc
  • 22/12/2017 - Vulnerability Resolution Initiatives in the agrifood production and manufacturing chains, Safefood
  • 02/02/2015 - Trust Makers, breakers and brokers - Building trust in the food system on the island of Ireland., Safefood
  • 01/01/2015 - Procurement and Supply Chain Leader, National Procurement and Supply Chain Awards
  • 16/06/2008 - Process Improvement: Enhanced Efficiency & responsiveness of consumer food supply chains
  • 02/02/2004 - [EI PC/2003/124] {O'Reilly Dr. S} N, Enterprise Ireland
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  • 2016 - Forces of agglomeration and Dispersal in rural business Networks: A social network analysis, University College Cork (Thesis Primary Supervisor)
  • 2014 - Risk perception, risk management and the role of livestock insurance,; Evidence from iorthe|n Ethropra, Tigray, University College Cork (Thesis Primary Supervisor)
  • 2014 - The relationship between rural livelihoods and livestock keeping: The case of Sidama Zone, Southern Ethiopia (Thesis Primary Supervisor)
  • 2012 - The role of strategic, tactical and operational manufacturing capabilities in supporting supply chain efficiency and responsiveness: Evidence from SME case studies (Thesis Primary Supervisor)
  • 2021 - Protecting the Integrity of the Irish agri-food system (Thesis Primary Supervisor)
  • 2023 - Sustainable Food Supply Chains (Thesis Co-Supervisor)
  • 2024 - Executive Decision Making (Thesis Co-Supervisor)
  • 2020 - Faculty and student experiences of blended learning in postgraduates programmes: The case of an Irish university, University College Cork (Thesis Co-Supervisor)
  • 2020 - A study of consumers' attitudes towards food products containing beef offal. (Thesis Co-Supervisor)
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