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Prof. Michael Ward



Professor (Chair)

Food Business & Development ORB 2.77 O'Rahilly Building Cork University Business School University College Cork

+353 21 490 2113 ORCID profile


My personal research and teaching work is located in the fields of organisation theory and management. I am actively engaged in productive research and publication in three main areas of co-operative activity: agricultural and rural co-operatives, community and workers’ co-operatives and credit co-operatives. I have pioneered the development of seven major programmes of study in the field of co-operative organisation, social and rural enterprise. I have served extensive leadership terms in the Centre for Co-operative Studies, the Department of Food Business and Development, and Cork University Business School. I have just returned from a period of sabbatical leave, having conducted field research with co-operatives in Northern Ireland, UK, USA and Canada on an international project examining co-operative success. Further field work is planned for Scotland, Europe and Ireland over the next year.