Mr William Emerson

William Emerson


Business Information Systems
University College Cork
Cork University Business School

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I am a lecturer/researcher with the Business Information Systems department. My areas of interest include data science, analytics, augmented reality and AI. I have significant industry expertise in financial services and education. My areas of technical expertise include software development with Java, Python and C, mobile development with Android, Ontologies and Semantic Web Technologies. I also work extensively with data science tools including R, Juypter notebooks, the Python/R data science tools available.

After working for many years as a computer programmer and software architect in London and Cork, I initially joined a small team in UCC working on a software project for the United Nations Population Fund and then worked on  larger  project for the Department of Marine and Natural Resources, developing a complex knowledge management system.

After joining UCC as a lecturer, I have worked on a number of different projects, in the areas of Compliance and Regulation in FInancial Markets and the application of AI to data-based problems.

I am currently engaged with a research group looking at 'Fake News' and the rise of citizen jounalism



Other Activities

  • 07/01/2020 - Presented paper on peer production of the news artifact
  • 20/08/2019 - Presenting
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Research Domains

  • Business Information Systems
  • Compliance knowledge management systems
  • Data Analytics  
  • Ontology and Process Model Development
  • User Interface (UI) design  
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Journal article

Year Publication
2008 BUTLER, T., FELLER, J., POPE, A., EMERSON, W., MURPHY, C. (2008). Designing a core IT artefact for Knowledge Management Systems using participatory action research in a government and a non-government organisation. Journal of Strategic Information Systems. doi:10.1016/j.jsis.2007.10.002. Details
2023 O'RIORDAN, S., EMERSON, W., FELLER, J., KIELY, G. (2023). The Road to Open News: A Theory of Social Signalling in an Open News Production Community. Journal of Management Information Systems.

Book chapter

Year Publication
2008 BUTLER, T., EMERSON, W., MCGOVERN, D. (2008). Compliance-as-a-Service in Information Technology Manufacturing Organizations: An Exploratory Case Study. Information technology in the service economy: Challenges and possibilities for the 21st century. Springer Publishing.

Conference paper

Year Publication
2010 BUTLER, T., EMERSON, W., MCGOVERN, D. (2010). COMPLIANCE-AS-A-SERVICE IN IT. Information Technology in the Service Economy: Challenges and Possibilities for the 21st Century.
2010 MCGOVERN, D., BUTLER, T., EMERSON, W. (2010). Compliance-as-a-Service in Information Technology Manufacturing Organizations: An Exploratory Case Study. IFIP International Federation for Information Processing.


Year Publication
2008 BUTLER, T., EMERSON, W., MCGOVERN, D. (2008). Pragmatic Design: A Case Study of Innovation in a Small Software Company..
2006 BUTLER, T., FELLER, J., ANDREW, A., EMERSON, W., MURPHY, C. (2006). An action research study on the design and development of core IT artifacts for knowledge management systems.
2019 KIELY, G., O'RIORDAN, S., EMERSON, W., FELLER, J. (2019). Do You Have a Source for That? Understanding the Challenges of Collaborative Evidence-based Journalism. Proceedings of the 15th International Symposium on Open Collaboration. Association for Computing Machinery.
2020 O'RIORDAN, S., KIELY, G., EMERSON, W., FELLER, J. (2020). Theorizing hybrid models of peer production: A case study of an open collaborative journalism platform. Elsevier.
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