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Dr Stephen Thornhill

Stephen Thornhill


O'Rahilly Building

O'Rahilly Building
Department of Food Business and International Development

021 490 3348


Stephen has a PhD in International Development and Agricultural Econmics, an MSc in Rural Development as well as a Higher Diploma in Co-operative Organisation, Food Marketing and Rural Development and BSc in Agriculture and Economics. His research interests are the economics of agri-food markets and food policy, economics of climate change and sustainability, biofuels and bioenergy, food security, agri-food marketing information systems, sustainable and ethical agri-food standards and certification systems, agri-nutrition linkages and agri-food trade and farm support policies.


Research Projects

  • The development of a Biofuel socio-economic policy framework in relation to food security in the SADC International Food Policy Research Institute (Miscellaneous Non Exchequer) €140,039.00 (01-OCT-08 / 30-APR-11)
  • The development of a Biofuel socio-economic policy framework in relation to food security in the SADC International Food Policy Research Institute (Miscellaneous Non Exchequer) €140,039.00 (01-OCT-08 / 30-APR-11)
  • Better Nutrition? Developing the Evidence Base in Ethiopia and Tanzania. (Higher Education authority) €356,837.00 (01-OCT-12 / 30-JUN-18)
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  • member, International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists (/)
  • member, Development Studies Association (/)
  • Member, International Agricultural Economics Association (/)
  • member, International Agribusiness Management Association (/)
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  • Socio-Economic Research in Development
  • Food Economics
  • Data in Development Studies
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Other Activities

  • Advisor to ACP Group and Commonwealth Secretariat on sugar and biofuels, plus Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials - Social Issues Expert group.
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  • Chairperson, Market Information Advisory Committee for UK Arable Sector (1990 / 1999)
  • Advisor to, Advisor to House of Commons Select Committee on Agriculture (1990 / 1998)
  • UK representative, European Agricultural Leaders Group (1991 / 1993)
  • Advisor to Committee, Advisor to House of Lord Select Committee on Agriculture (1990 / 1998)
  • Representative for UK Arable Industry, European Liaison Group on Agriculture (1988 / 1999)
  • Chairperson, Home-Grown Cereal Authority, Milk marketing Board and Meat and Livestock Commission Liaison Committee (1985 / 1995)
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  • University of Reading , BSC (HONS), Agriculture and Economics (1984)
  • University College Cork , PhD, International Development and Agricultural Economics (2016)
  • University College Cork , HDip, Co-operative Organisation, Food Marketing and Rural Development (2002)
  • University college Cork , MSc, Rural development (2003)
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  • Agri-food marketing intelligence, policy and development consultant, Freelance Consultant (01-JAN-00 /)
  • Director of Marketing and Economics, UK Cereal Authority (HGCA) (01-JAN-90 / 01-JAN-99)
  • Senior Economist, UK Cereal Authority (HGCA) (01-SEP-85 / 31-DEC-89)
  • AgriDiet Project Manager - Ethiopia and Tanzania, University College Cork (01-NOV-12 /)
  • Part-time Lecturer and Research Fellow, University College Cork (01-JAN-08 /)
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Teaching Interests

  • Agri-Food Economics, Agri-Food Domestic Support and Trade Policy, Agri-Food Market Information Systems, Biofuels and other Bioenergy, Food and Nutrition Security, Data for Development, Sustainable Food Systems, Sustainable Certification Systems, Climate Change, Circular Economy, Waste Management
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  • See employment above :
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Peer Reviewed Journals

Year Publication
2016 Stephen Thornhill (2016) The impact of biofuel feedstock production on food security in rural Mozambique and Tanzania. : Food Security [Details]


Year Publication
2012 Stephen Thornhill and Debebe Habtewold (2012) Agri-Food Marketing and Supply Chains. : University College Cork [Details]
1998 Stephen Thornhill (1998) Cereal and Oilseed Statistical Review. : HGCA [Details]
1995 Stephen Thornhill (1995) EU Legislation for the UK arable sector. : HGCA [Details]
2009 Nick Chisholm, Debebe Habtwold and Stephen Thornhill (2009) Natural Resource Economics and Marketing. : University College Cork [Details]

Edited Books

Year Publication
1998 (1998) Cereal and Oilseed Statistical Review. : Stephen Thornhill : HGCA [Details]


Year Publication
1998 Stephen Thornhill (1998) Unknown type other_ed. [Details]

Published Reports

Year Publication
2011 Stephen Thornhill (2011) Establishing a national agri-food marketing information system for Kazakhstan. [Details]
2012 Stephen Thornhill, Elisa Calceterra (2012) Screening Tool for Biofuel Operations. [Details]
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