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Dr Veeresh Thummadi

Dr Veeresh Thummadi



Business Information Systems O'Rahilly Building Cork University Business School University College Cork LinkedIn Profile ORCID profile


Dr. Veeresh Thummadi is a Lecturer in Business Information Systems (BIS) department at Cork University Business School at University College Cork and a member of Lero, The Science Foundation Ireland Research Center for software. His research is primarily focussed on issues in information systems, open source and agile methods. Specifically, he is particularly interested in understanding how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data shape business and software processes.

In his research he has studied how information systems software development work practices are shaped by the use of design methods such as agile and waterfall. Till now, he has published several articles or forthcoming in outlets such as Journal of Association of Information Systems (JAIS), International Conference of Information Systems (ICIS), American Conference of Information Systems (AMCIS), Academy of Management (AOM), Design Science Research in Information Systems (DESRIST), Agile Conference. He has several promising research projects that are under pipeline. In addition, his work has received national media attention in the Irish Times.