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Dr Simon Woodworth

Simon Woodworth


Business Information Systems
O'Rahilly Building
University College Cork
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Dr Simon Woodworth is a Lecturer in Business Information Systems,with research interests in Enterprise Systems, Health informatics, MobileComputing and Data Analytics. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science (1988), anM.Sc. in Management Information Systems (2005) and a Ph.D. in BusinessInformation Systems (2013). He is Director of the Health Information SystemsResearch Centre.

Simon previously spent fifteen yearsworking in the telecommunications sector for both Ericsson and Motorola. Heworked in a wide variety of posts, ranging from mobile network customer care inSoutheast Asia to commissioning mobile telephone exchanges in locations such asYemen, Nigeria and Siberia.

Simon teaches undergraduate courses in mobileprogramming and postgraduate courses in mobile and client – server programming.These courses are delivered in a computer lab environment and make extensiveuse of mobile, desktop and cloud technologies.

In the last two years, Simon has worked ona number of health informatics research projects, in particular the use of atablet application to automate patient vital signs capture and calculation ofearly warning score in the hospital. Current research work also includes thetracking of hypertension in pregnant women in the home with a view todeveloping an early warning of pre-eclampsia, the tracking of infant earlydevelopment using a mobile app, and a large scale project to provide mobileapps and decision support and learning tools to better manage large scaledisasters in a European context.


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  • German
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Grants and Honours

  • 03/07/2016 - To develop a prototype wearable device for the detection of unwanted movement while shooting., Enterprise Ireland
  • 22/09/2014 - Commercial Case Feasibility Study., Enterprise Ireland
  • 21/07/2010 - Prototype multi user online business finance learning application, Enterprise Ireland
  • 22/02/2010 - The purpose of this project is to investigate the application of a mass customisation model to what is traditionally a labour intensive artisan product., Enterprise Ireland
  • 04/01/2010 - The purpose of the project is to prove the benefits of the Majic platform in the mobile share trading market by building a prototype of a feature-rich share trading application., Enterprise Ireland
  • 04/10/2009 - EI - Feasibility study of marketing data gathering mechanism for student discount card, Enterprise Ireland
  • 27/04/2009 - EI - IV-2009-0053-T Prototyping of client - server of mobile applications, Enterprise Ireland
  • 08/01/2009 - EI Innovation Voucher 2009-1150, Enterprise Ireland
  • 08/01/2009 - Investigate incorporation of a Mi Card Loyalty usage tracking system., Enterprise Ireland
  • 08/01/2008 - EI - Prototyping of Pest Control IT Application, Enterprise Ireland
  • 03/01/2008 - EI - Creation of Virtual Web showroom, Enterprise Ireland
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Research Domains

  • Connected Health
  • Famine emergency responses  
  • Decision Support
  • Information security management
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Journal article

Year Publication
2015 KELLETT, J., MURRAY, A., WOODWORTH, S., HUANG, W. (2015). Trends in weighted vital signs and the clinical course of 44,531 acutely ill medical patients while in hospital.. Acute Medicine.
2014 MURRAY, A., KELLETT, J., HUANG, W., WOODWORTH, S., WANG, F. (2014). Trajectories of the averaged abbreviated Vitalpac™ early warning score (AbEWS) and clinical course of 44,531 consecutive admissions hospitalized for acute medical illness. Resuscitation. Details
2013 KELLETT, J., WANG, F., WOODWORTH, S., HUANG, W. (2013). Changes and their prognostic implications in the abbreviated VitalPAC™ Early Warning Score (ViEWS) after admission to hospital of 18,827 surgical patients. Resuscitation. Details
2013 KELLETT, J., WOODWORTH, S., WANG, F., HUANG, W. (2013). Changes and their prognostic implications in the abbreviated Vitalpac™ early warning score (ViEWS) after admission to hospital of 18,853 acutely ill medical patients. Resuscitation. Details
2012 HAWKES, C. P., HANOTIN, S., O'FLAHERTY, B., WOODWORTH, S., RYAN, C., DEMPSEY, E. (2012). Using smart phone technology to teach neonatal endotracheal intubation (NeoTube): application development and uptake. NeoTube: App for Neonatal Intubation. Acta Paediatrica. Details
2013 ZARABZADEH, A., O'DONOGHUE, J., O'CONNOR, Y., O'KANE, T., WOODWORTH, S., GALLAGHER, J., O'CONNOR, S. (2013). Variation in health care providers' perceptions: Decision making based on patient vital signs. Journal of Decision Systems. Details
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2012 NEVILLE, K. M., WOODWORTH, S., O'SULLIVAN ROCHFORD, C. (2012). A three-disciplined approach to the development of a financial learning management system (FinLMS). Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications. Details
2016 MCCARTHY, S., O'REILLY, P., WOODWORTH, S., LIM, Y., ADAM, F., KENNY, L. (2016). An integrated patient journey mapping tool for embedding quality in healthcare service reform. Journal of Decision Systems, 25 (10), 354-368. doi:10.1080/12460125.2016.1187394. Details
2019 MCCARTHY, S., O'RAGHALLAIGH, P., WOODWORTH, S., LIM, Y. Y., KENNY, L. C., ADAM, F. (2019). The ‘Integrated Patient Journey Map’: A Design Tool for Embedding the Pillars of Quality in Health Information Technology Solutions (Preprint). JMIR Human Factors. Details

Conference paper

Year Publication
2013 O'FLAHERTY, B., POPE, A., THORNTON, C., WOODWORTH, S. (2013). Capturing multi-stakeholder needs in customer-centric cloud service design.
2013 O'FLAHERTY, B., WOODWORTH, S., THORNTON, C., O'CONNOR, Y. (2013). An Exploration of Customer-Centric Cloud Service Design. Details
2013 CREEDON, F., O'DONOGHUE, J., O'KANE, T., ADAM, F., WOODWORTH, S., O’CONNOR, S. (2013). An approach for reflectively discovering and synthesizing design knowledge for situated artifacts: The case of the early warning score chart. Communications in Computer and Information Science.
2011 WOODWORTH, S., NEVILLE, K. M., ADAM, F. (2011). An integrated approach to teaching a Retail Dashboard development case. NAIRTL.
2014 CREEDON, F., O'KANE, T., O'DONOGHUE, J., ADAM, F., WOODWORTH, S., O'CONNOR, S. (2014). Evaluating the Utility of the Irish HSE's Paper Based Early Warning Score Chart: A Reflective Data Gathering Phase for the Design of the REVIEWS Framework..
2017 STEEN, O., POPE, A., RAUNER, M., HOLMBERG, N., WOODWORTH, S., O'RIORDAN, S. (2017). A comprehensive decision support system for enhanced emergency decision management and training. Springer Publishing. Details
2016 CONRADO, S. P., NEVILLE, K., WOODWORTH, S., O’RIORDAN, S. (2016). Managing social media uncertainty to support the decision making process during Emergencies. Details
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2012 ZARABZADEH, A., O'CONNELL, M., O'DONOGHUE, J., O'KANE, T., WOODWORTH, S., ADAM, F., ... O'CONNOR, S. (2012). Features of electronic early warning systems which impact clinical decision making. Details
2014 CREEDON, F., O'KANE, T., ADAM, F., O'DONOGHUE, J., WOODWORTH, S., O'CONNOR, S. (2014). Evaluating the utility of the irish HSE's paper based early warning score chart: A reflective data gathering phase for the design of the REVIEWS framework. Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications. Details
2016 O'RAGHALLAIGH, P., MCCARTHY, S., WOODWORTH, S., ADAM, F., LIM, Y., KENNY, L. (2016). IoT and the emerging role of fictional prototyping.
2019 ALHARBI, F., MCAVOY, J., WOODWORTH, S. (2019). An Examination of Barriers to the Adoption of Smart Living Services: A Case Study of the Al-Madinah Region Development Authority.
2019 ALHARBI, F., MCAVOY, J., WOODWORTH, S. (2019). An Examination of Barriers to the Adoption of Smart Living Services: A Case Study of the Al-Madinah Region Development Authority.

Magazine article

Year Publication
2016 O'REILLY, P., MCCARTHY, S., WOODWORTH, S., ADAM, F. (2016). Fictional Prototyping for Digital Transformation. Cutter IT Journal.
2010 WOODWORTH, S., R., B. (2010). The web as a secure application delivery platform for mobile devices. Cutter IT Journal.


Year Publication
2009 WOODWORTH, S., NEVILLE, K. M., ADAM, F. (2009). A Teaching Case Exploring The Development & Value Of A Retail Dashboard.
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