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Dr Simon Woodworth

Simon Woodworth



Business Information Systems ORB 3.73 O'Rahilly Building Cork University Business School University College Cork

+353 21 490 3830 +353 86 083 0639 LinkedIn profile ORCID profile


Dr Simon Woodworth is a Lecturer in Business Information Systems, with research interests in Enterprise Systems, Health Informatics, Mobile Computing, Data Analytics and Cyber Risk Management. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science (1988), an M.Sc. in Management Information Systems (2005) and a Ph.D. in Business Information Systems (2013). Simon previously spent fifteen years working in the telecommunications sector for both Ericsson and Motorola. He worked in a wide variety of posts, ranging from mobile network customer care in Southeast Asia to commissioning mobile telephone exchanges in locations such as Yemen, Nigeria and Siberia. He teaches undergraduate courses in Java and ASP.NET C# programming and postgraduate courses in data strategy and management, and Python programming. In the last two years, Simon has worked on a number of health informatics research projects, in particular the tracking of hypertension in pregnant women in the home with a view to developing an early warning of pre-eclampsia, and a large scale project to provide mobile apps and decision support and learning tools to better manage large scale disasters in a European context. Current projects include development of a global birth registry and urine analysis using mobile phone technology. Simon is Programme Director for the MSc in Business Information Analytics Systems and the MSc in Cyber Risk Management. He is a Director of the Health Information Systems Research Centre.