Dr Rosemary Murphy

Rosemary Murphy


University College Cork
Cork University Business School

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Dr.Rosemary Murphy graduated in 1997 with a B Comm Degree, majoring in Economics and in 1998 with a Masters ofEconomics Science.  Throughout herprimary and masters degree she focused on Business Economics having a specificinterest in the area of Economic Regulation. Rosemary commenced her lecturing career in 1998 in the Department of Economics,University College Cork with a teaching portfolio combining Business, Healthand Quantitative Economics.  It was fromthis teaching portfolio that her interest in the business of Health Economicsgrew, leaving her to commence her PhD (Health Economics) Degree in January2003.  Her PhD investigated theequivalence scales determining medical card eligibility in Ireland, there-regulation of same and was completed in January 2006.  Rosemary is an active member of the HealthEconomics Group in the School of Economics. This group emphasises the business element of health economics andthrough this group she has contributed to many conferences and papers in healthand business economics.  Rosemary iscurrently the director of the PhD (Health Economics) Degree with a portfoliocompromising of completed and ongoing PhD research theses. The current theme ofthe PhD (Health Economics) Degree is the Economics of Subjective Well Being.

Pedagogic Experiences

  • 2020 - Economics of Corporate Strategy, Cork University Business School
  • 2019 - Developing Critical Thinking Skills, University College Cork, BComm (Hons) Commerce
  • 2018 - Introductory Micro Economics for Business, Cork University Business School
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  • 2011 - An analysis of mental health in Ireland, University College Cork (Thesis Primary Supervisor)
  • 2012 - An Analysis of Subjective Well-Being in Ireland, University College Cork (Thesis Primary Supervisor)
  • 2014 - Alcohol Income and Health: a complicated but desirable mix, Waterford Institute of Technology (Thesis Primary Supervisor)
  • 2016 - The Relationship between Income and Well Being: A European Study (Thesis Primary Supervisor)
  • 2016 - A recessionary debate: Who suffered more.A study of sectorial job satisfaction and job insecurity, University of Limerick (Thesis Primary Supervisor)
  • 2017 - An investigation into out of pocket health expenditure in India, University College Galway (Thesis Co-Supervisor)
  • 2019 - An Analysis of Well Being in China (Thesis Co-Supervisor)
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Journal article

Year Publication
2017 FAWSITT, C., BOURKE, J., LUTOMSKI, J., MURPHY, A., MCELROY, B., GREENE, R. A., ... GREENE, R. A. (2017). A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Two Alternative Models of Maternity Care in Ireland. Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, 15, 785–794. doi:10.1007/s40258-017-0344-8. Details
2017 MURPHY, R., ORMOND, G. (2017). An investigation into the effect of alcohol consumption on health status and health care utilization in Ireland. Alcohol.
2016 MURPHY, R., ORMOND, G. (2016). The effect of alcohol consumption on household income in Ireland. Alcohol.
2015 ORMOND, G., MURPHY, R. (2015). An analysis of the effect of alcohol consumption on household income in Ireland comparing Limited and Full Information Methods of Estimation. Journal of Economics and Banking.
2017 FAWSITT, C. G., BOURKE, J., GREENE, R. A., MCELROY, B., KRUCIEN, N., MURPHY, R., LUTOMSKI, J. E. (2017). What do women want? Valuing women's preferences and estimating demand for alternative models of maternity care using a discrete choice experiment.. Health Policy. Details

Book chapter

Year Publication
2017 MRINAL, C., MURPHY, R., BURKE, L. A., WALSH, E. (2017). Making Children Resilient to Poor Health: Can the Number of Children in a Household Play a Role? Evidence from India. Children's Research Digest on Resilience. Children's Research Network.
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