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Dr Noreen Byrne

Noreen Byrne



Noreen Byrne is a lecturer at the Department of Food Business and Development and a researcher at the Centre for Co-operative Studies. She was the academic director for the Certificate, Diploma and Degree components of the  suite  of accredited education programmes for credit union officers across Ireland from 2014 to 2016. Noreen teaches on programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Noreen's main research interests are in restructuring models for co-operatives, member value and co-operative innovation.


Research Interests

Research Interests: My research interests include strategy and direction in the credit union movement with a particular focus on credit union rationalisation. Following on from this I have a specific interest in  the relationship between structure and member value.

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  • Board Member, European Financial Inclusion Network (01-SEP-09 / 03-OCT-12)
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  • Regulation and Compliance in Credit Union Service Delivery
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Journal Activities

  • Referee, Journal Of Co-Operative Organization And Management (06-MAR-13 - 05-DEC-14)
  • Referee, International Journal Of Bank Marketing (17-JUL-14 -)
  • Member of Editorial Board, Journal Of Co-Operative Organization And Management (03-APR-12 -)
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Other Activities

  • Reviewer for EFIN Award 2014 for Community Finance Project and Sustainability. Winner was announced at the ‘Community is the Answer Conference’ Glasgow, 9-10th June, 2014
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  • Member, ISS21 Civil Soicety Research Cluster (2012 /)
  • Member (appointed by the Minister of Finance to advise on Credit Union Policy), Credit Union Advisory Committee (2010 / 2013)
  • Director, Board of Directors, St. Finbarrs Credit Union (2000 / 2009)
  • Member, EFIN Soical Finance Committee (2013 /)
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  • University College Cork , MSc, Co-operative Organisation (2000)
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  • Lecturer, University College Cork (30-OCT-06 /)
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Teaching Interests

  • FE 6109   Co-operative OrganisationFE 6904    Co-operative Business and Food SupplyFE6104     Practical Training ProjectFE 4009   Co-operative Business & the Rural EconomyFE6116    Local Food Marketing: Application and PracticeFE 6706    Community Co-operatives & Social EnterprisesFE 6702    Social and Co-operative EnterpreneurshipFE2821    Compliance and Risk Management in Credit UnionsFE2823    Regulation and Compliance in Credit Union Service DeliveryFE3821    Summer SchoolFE3827    Credit Union Research ProjectFE3823    Applied Risk Management in Credit UnionsFE6601    Co-operatives and the Third Sector
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Peer Reviewed Journals

Year Publication
2014 Byrne, Noreen; McCarthy, Olive (2014) Value Proposition Preferences of Credit Union Members and Patronage Activity. : International Journal of Bank Marketing [Details]
2014 Moore, Oliver; McCarthy, Olive; Byrne, Noreen; Ward, Michael (2014) Reflexive Resilience and Community Supported Agriculture: The Case that Emerged from a Place. : Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development [Details]
2012 Byrne, Noreen; McCarthy, Olive; Ward, Michael; McMurtry, J. J (2012) Credit union restructuring: don't forget the member!. : International Journal of Co-Operative Management [Details]
2012 Jussila, I., Byrne, N., & Tuominen, H (2012) Affective Commitment in Co-operative Organizations: What Makes Members Want to Stay?. : International Business Research [Details]
2014 Desta, T; Fitzgibbon, M and Byrne, N (2014) Exploring the role of citizen journalism in slum improvement: the case of ‘Voice of Kibera’. : AI and Society [Details]
2007 Byrne, Noreen; McCarthy, Olive; Ward, Michael (2007) An alternative approach to oversight: the case of the supervisory committee in Irish credit unions. : International Journal of Co-Operative Management [Details]
2007 Byrne, N,McCarthy, O,Ward, M (2007) Money-lending and financial exclusion. : Public Money & Management [Details]
2006 Byrne N.,Carroll, B. & Ward M (2006) An Analysis of Artists' Co-operatives and their Potential to Contribute to the Development of the Visual Arts in Ireland. : Ica Review of International Co-Operation [Details]
2005 Byrne, N. & O. McCarthy (2005) An Anlaysis of the Credit Union's Use of Craig's Commitment Building Measures. : Journal of Co-Operative Studies [Details]
2004 Byrne N. O. McCarthy & R. O’Connor (2004) The Development of New Rural Credit Unions in Ireland within a Context of Service Rationalisation in Rural Areas. : Community Development Journal [Details]

Newspaper Publications

Year Publication
2014 Byrne, Noreen (2014) If credit unions are to evolve they must put their members first. : Newspaper Articles [Details]
2013 Byrne, Noreen (2013) A credit union option to boost, not damage, community spirit, Independent Newspaper. : Newspaper Articles [Details]

Book Chapters

Year Publication
2014 Noreen Byrne (2014) Common Assumptions and Co-operative Membership: The Case of the Irish Credit Union Movement. : Tim Mazzarol, Sophie Reboud, Elena Mamouni Limnios, Delwyn Clark : Edward Elgar Publishing [Details]
2011 Byrne N., Ward M., Prendergast K., Power C (2011) Amalgamation and federated co-operative models: A place for both in the development of the Irish credit union movement. : : Duhallow Women's Forum and Centre for Co-operative Studies, UCC [Details]

Published Reports

Year Publication
2014 McCarthy, O., Lane, C. & Byrne, N (2014) Cork MABS study: Clients' experiences, opinions and satisfaction levels. [Details]
2010 Byrne, Noreen; Power, C, Carol; McCarthy, Olive; Ward Michael (2010) The Potential Impact of Credit Unions on Members' Financial Capability. [Details]
2005 Byrne Noreen; McCarthy Olive; Ward Michael (2005) Meeting the credit needs of low income groups: Credit unions versus moneylenders. [Details]
2010 Byrne, N; C. Power, O.McCarthy & M. Ward (2010) The Potential Impact of Credit Unions on Members Financial Capability: An Exploratory Study. [Details]
2006 Byrne, N., O. McCarthy & M. Ward (2006) Meeting the Needs of Low-Income Groups: Credit Unions V's Moneylenders. [Details]
2004 Byrne, N., O. McCarthy & M. O' Shaughnessy (2004) A Study of Volunteerism in Credit Unions and Social Enterprises. [Details]
2003 Byrne N., McCarthy O. & Ward M (2003) The Role of the Supervisory Committee in Credit Union Governance. [Details]
2002 Byrne N., McCarthy O. & Ward, M (2002) Training and Education in Irish Credit Unions. [Details]
2006 Byrne, N (2006) Report of the Rationalisation Committee. [Details]


Year Publication
2005 Goth, P. & N. Byrne (2005) Innovation and Financial Co-operatives and Mutuals. : Other [Details]

Conference Publications

Year Publication
2012 Tedla Desta, Mike Fitzgibbon, Noreen Byrne (2012) Exploring the Role of citizen Journalism in Slum Improvement: The Case of Voice of Kibera. [Details]
2008 Prendergast, K; Byrne, N and M.Ward (2008) An analysis of the relationship between Credit Union Board and Manager. [Details]
2004 Byrne, N., O. McCarthy & M. Ward (2004) An Irish Perspective on Education and Training in Credit Unions. [Details]
2009 Byrne, N (2009) Irish Report. [Details]
2008 Prendergast, K., N. Byrne & M. Ward (2008) An Analysis of the relationship between the credit union board and the manager- the manager's perspective. [Details]
2005 Byrne N. & O. McCarthy (2005) An exploratory analysis of credit union organisational identity . In: Theurl T. & Christian Meyer E eds. [Details]
2005 Byrne, N., O. McCarthy & M. Ward (2005) Aspects of Volunteerism in the Irish Credit Union Movement. [Details]
2004 Byrne N., McCarthy O., & Ward M (2004) No study, no credit union: an Irish perspective on education and training in credit unions . In: Karafolas S. & Stryjan Y eds. [Details]
2002 Byrne N., O. McCarthy & R. O'Connor (2002) The Development of New Rural Credit Unions. [Details]

Conference Contributions

Year Publication
2014 Byrne, Noreen (2014) Invited as Panel Speaker. [Invited Oral Presentation]. [Details]
2013 O’Sullivan, P. McCarthy, O. and N.Byrne (2013) The Management of Lending in Community Credit Unions. [Oral Presentation]. [Details]
2014 Byrne, Noreen (2014) Invited Panel Speaker. [Other]. [Details]
2014 Byrne,N, McCarthy, O; O'Loughlin, D & Ward, M (2014) The Potential for Co-creation in Credit Unions. [Oral Presentation]. [Details]
2014 Byrne, Noreen (2014) Local Embeddedness and User-Driven Innovation. [Oral Presentation]. [Details]
2013 O'Sullivan P., Byrne N. & McCarthy O (2013) The management of lending risk in community credit unions. [Oral Presentation]. [Details]
2013 Byrne, Noreen (2013) Invited Panel Speaker. [Invited Oral Presentation]. [Details]
2013 Byrne, N. & McCarthy O (2013) Value proposition preferences of credit union members. [Oral Presentation]. [Details]
2012 Byrne, Noreen (2012) Imagining Ireland as a Flourishing Society Talk by Nat O'Connor, TASC. [Oral Presentation]. [Details]
2012 Byrne, N and McCarthy, O (2012) Credit Union Collaboration through CUSO: Setting the Scene. [Oral Presentation]. [Details]
2012 Byrne, Noreen (2012) Common Credit Union Assumptions. [Oral Presentation]. [Details]
2012 Desta, T, Fitzgibbon, M. and N. Byrne (2012) Exploring the role of Citizen Journalism: The case of Kibera. [Oral Presentation]. [Details]
2012 Byrne N. & McCarthy O (2012) Credit union collaboration through a CUSO: Setting the scene. [Oral Presentation]. [Details]
2010 Byrne, N; Power, C; McCarthy and M. Ward (2010) The Role of Credit Unions in Financial Capability of Members. [Invited Oral Presentation]. [Details]
2009 Byrne, N (2009) Financial Education and Credit Unions. [Conference Organising Committee Member]. [Details]
2007 Byrne N., O. McCarthy, & M. Ward (2007) Credit unions, moneylending and financial exclusion in Ireland. Issues in Financial Exclusion and Over-indebtedness in Ireland: current and recent research. [Oral Presentation]. [Details]
2005 Byrne N., O. McCarthy & M. Ward (2005) The provision of credit to low income and welfare-dependent groups: credit unions versus moneylenders. [Oral Presentation]. [Details]
2005 Byrne, N., Carroll, B. & Ward, M (2005) . [Details]
2005 Byrne, N (2005) Aspects of Volunteerism. [Invited Oral Presentation]. [Details]
2005 Byrne, N., Carroll, B. & Ward, M (2005) Artists co-operatives and their potential to contribute to the development of the visual arts sector in Ireland. [N/A]. [Details]
2004 Byrne N. & McCarthy O (2004) An Analysis of Credit Union Organisational Identity in Ireland. [Oral Presentation]. [Details]
2004 McCarthy O. & Byrne N (2004) Credit Union Supervisory Committees in the Republic of Ireland: a distinctive governance approach. [Oral Presentation]. [Details]
2002 Byrne N., O. McCarthy O. & R. O’Connor (2002) The Development of Rural Credit Unions in Ireland – and a brief note on the role of education. [Keynote Speaker]. [Details]
2002 Byrne N., O McCarthy & M. Ward (2002) No Study, No Credit Union: An Irish Perspective on Education and Training in Credit Unions. [Invited Oral Presentation]. [Details]
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