Dr Lee Ann Burke

Lee Ann Burke


University College Cork
Cork University Business School

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Dr Lee-Ann Burke is a lecturer in the Department of Economics, University College Cork. Her main teaching areas currently are health economics, macroeconomics and data collection and analysis modules but, over the years, has taught across a wide range of economic modules including delivering economics modules in other UCC departments such as The School of Nursing and the Geography Department. 

Dr Burkes main research interests include but are not limited to health economics, specifically mental health research.  Dr Burke has worked with the National Suicide Research Foundation in the past and is now working on the RE:CURRENT Project, evaluating recurrent miscarriage services in Ireland to inform efforts to standardise and improve the quality of these services. 

Dr Burke is also currently working on data from the Growing up In Ireland study.   In addition to teaching and research commitments, Dr Burke, is part of a Programme Director team in charge of the BA Business and Financial Economics degree programme which welcomes Chinese students to Ireland for 2 years. In addition to that role, Dr Burke is also a co-Programme Director of the Diploma in Business and Financial Economics which hosts Chinese students on a one year programme here in UCC. 

In 2018, Dr Burke was successful in an application to become part of the Aurora Leadership training programme which is run across higher education authorities in Ireland and the United Kingdom and is availing of the excellent networking opportunities that this training programme facilitates.  This programme has led to the formation of Mna@UCC: UCC Womens Network, of which, Dr Burke is the Treasurer. 






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Other Activities

  • 28/10/2020 - The effect of club membership on finishing times in the London 2019 marathon.
  • 21/08/2019 - Nordic Health Economic Study Group
  • 08/11/2018 - ESRI Growing up in Ireland Annual Conference
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Research Domains

  • Mental health interventions
  • Attendance Research
  • Economic Evaluation of Health Technology Assessment
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health
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Journal article

Year Publication
2015 C, F., BURKE, L. A., L, G., P, W., H, G. (2015). Risky sun tanning behaviours amongst Irish University students: a quantitative analysis.. Irish Journal of Medical Science. doi:10.1007/s11845-015-1389-z. Details
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2020 BURKE, L.-A. (2020). Childhood Psychological Health During the Great Recession in Ireland. The Economic and Social Review.
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2022 , BURKE, L.-A., MURPHY, D., SHAHABUDDIN, Y., YAMBASU, S., O’DONOGHUE, K., ... BOLAND, F. (2022). Digital fetal scalp stimulation (dFSS) versus fetal blood sampling (FBS) to assess fetal wellbeing in labour—a multi-centre randomised controlled trial: Fetal Intrapartum Randomised Scalp Stimulation Trial (FIRSST NCT05306756). Trials, 23. doi:10.1186/s13063-022-06794-9. Details
2022 BURKE, L.-A., FLANNERY, C., GILLESPIE, P., O'DONOGHUE, K. (2022). P-376 Estimating the costs associated with the implementation of a best practice model of care for recurrent miscarriage clinics in Ireland: a cost analysis. Human Reproduction, 37 (1). doi:10.1093/humrep/deac107.354. Details
2022 FLANNERY, C., BURKE, L. A., GILLESPIE, P., O'DONOGHUE, K. (2022). Estimating the costs associated with the implementation of a best practice model of care for recurrent miscarriage clinics in Ireland: a cost analysis [version 1; peer review: awaiting peer review]. HRB Open Research, 5 (74). doi:10.12688/hrbopenres.13625.1. Details

Book chapter

Year Publication
2017 MRINAL, C., MURPHY, R., BURKE, L. A., WALSH, E. (2017). Making Children Resilient to Poor Health: Can the Number of Children in a Household Play a Role? Evidence from India. Children's Research Digest on Resilience. Children's Research Network.
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