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Dr Lawrence Dooley

Lawrence Dooley


Management & Marketing

Management & Marketing
O' Rahilly Building



Lawrence Dooley (M. Comm., Ph.D.) is a College Lecturer in Enterprise and Innovation at University College Cork (UCC) since 2004. Prior to joining UCC, he was based at the Centre for Enterprise Management in the University of Dundee, Scotland. He undertook his doctoral thesis entitled 'Systems Innovation Management' at the National University of Ireland, Galway. His core research interests focus on organisational innovation and issues related to inter-enterprise collaboration and value creation. Other related interests include organisational creativity and knowledge exchange. He has published widely over recent years and actively liaises with industry both through applied research projects, consultancy and research master classes.


Research Interests

My research lies within the three interrelated areas.


The focus of this research is on the processes and structures that organisations utilise to achieve innovations and question how effective management can enhance their ability to innovate successfully.  The research examines both the explorative and exploitative phases of the innovation process.


The focus of this research centres on interaction between university and industrial entities as part of the Entrepreneurial University paradigm. Research strives to identifying exemplars of university-industry collaboration at the discovery science stage of the innovation process and examining why and how the stakeholders achieve co-operation and mutual benefit.


The focus of this research examines the evolution of knowledge networks within regions, the enablers and barriers that impact their development and the degree of interaction and knowledge exchange that occurs between the independent entities. A key aspect of this research questions why specific networks develop and how they can best be sustained.

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Research Projects

  • All Island Innovation Programme (Industry Sponsor) (02-JAN-12 / 31-DEC-14)
  • Personal Research Account (Miscellaneous) €10,000.00 (15-JUL-08 / 31-DEC-14)
  • Business Model Intelligent Design Evaluation Application (Co-Researcher) (Enterprise Ireland) €215,584.00 (01-APR-13 / 31-MAR-15)
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  • Member, Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (/)
  • Member, Enterprise Ireland's Biotechnology Ireland Network (/)
  • Member, The Gate2Growth Network (/)
  • Member, The Irish Academy of Management (/)
  • Member, Cork Innovates Steering Committee (01-JAN-12 / 15-APR-13)
  • Member, International Council for Small Business (ICSB) (01-JAN-14 / 31-DEC-14)
  • Co-ordinator, All Island Innovation Network Community of Researchers (01-JAN-12 / 31-DEC-14)
  • Member, International Society for Professional Innovation Management (01-JAN-14 / 31-DEC-14)
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  • Enterprise Planning and Processes
  • Transferable Skills - Management - Research Project
  • Transferable Skills - Management - Work Placement
  • Management and Planning of Public Health Systems
  • Transferable Skills - Marketing - Research Project
  • Transferable Skills - Marketing - Work Placement
  • Entrepreneurial Business Start-Ups
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Journal Activities

  • Referee, International Journal Of Innovation Management (-)
  • Referee, R&D Management (-)
  • Referee, Journal Of Production, Planning And Control (-)
  • Referee, International Journal Of Innovation Management (-)
  • Referee, International Journal Of Technological Innovation And Entrepreneurship (-)
  • Referee, Journal Of Information And Knowledge Management (-)
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Other Activities

  • External Examiner- Business School (GMIT)UCC-IMI Programme Approval Member for PG in Strategy and InnovationExternal Examiner- MSc. Technology Management (DIT)Supervised 14 industrial based students undertaking minor theses as part of their Masters programme.PhD External Examiner for Symeon Mandrinos- Essex Business School, University of EssexDelivered research seminars at University of Essex, NUI, Galwat, University College Dublin, University of Zagreb, University of Dundee and Dublin City University.UCC Innovation Platform member, a committee established to co-ordinate entrepreneurship and commercialisation efforts across the university and create a unity of purpose.• Represented UCC as part of Cork Chamber’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy research trip to Brussels (2012).Contributor to University of Zagreb International MBA in Construction MangementTechnical reviewer for Enterprise Ireland’s Research Commercialisation Fund programme.Internal PhD Examiner- Anita Kumar, Dept of Food Business and Development, UCC
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  • Member, Irish Academy of Management Conference Committee (/)
  • Track Chair, International Council for Small Business (ICSB) Conference Committee (2014 / 2014)
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  • NUI Galway , PhD, (2000)
  • NUI, Galway , MSC COMMERCE, (1997)
  • University College Galway , Diploma, Quality Assurance (1994)
  • University College Galway , BComm, (1993)
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  • College Lecturer, Centre for Enterprise Mgt., University of Dundee, Scotland (/)
  • Lecturer, Tipperary Institute, Co. Tipperary (/)
  • Senior Researcher, CIMRU, NUI, Galway (/)
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Teaching Interests

  • I deliver undergraduate and postgraduate modules in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and operations management.
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Recent Postgrads

  • Brian O'Cuinneagain (UCC M.Sc.) "Enhancing Team Member Commitment: An exploratory study of organisational and sporting teams" (2008)
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Peer Reviewed Journals

Year Publication
2015 Dooley, L, Kenny, B. and Cronin, M (2015) Inter-organizational innovation across geographic and cognitive boundaries: Does firm size matter. : R&D Management [Details]
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Year Publication
2008 O'Sullivan, D., Dooley, L (2008) Applying Innovation. : Sage Publishing [Details]

Book Chapters

Year Publication
2011 Gubbins, C., Dooley, L (2011) Social Network Analysis as a tool as a tool for knowledge management for innovation. : : Gower [Details]
2010 O'Sullivan, D; Dooley, L (2010) Project based Learning in Applied Innovation. : : Iste/Hermes Science Publisher [Details]
2009 Dooley L (2009) The future of innovation is collaborative. : : Gower Publishing [Details]
2007 Hall A., Dooley L (2007) Succession at CityLife. : : Kennesaw, GA/Cox Family Enterprise Center [Details]

Conference Publications

Year Publication
2014 Barrett, G. & Dooley, L (2014) Open innovation as a start-up strategy: the case of two Irish born global firms. [Details]
2014 Barrett, G., Dooley, L. & Kenny, B (2014) The evolving characteristics underpinning the development path of two born global firms. [Details]
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2012 Dooley, L. and Kenny, B (2012) Entrepreneurial capability and attitudes within the doctoral research community. [Details]
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