Dr Lauren Bari

Lauren Bari


Management & Marketing
Cork University Business School
University College Cork
Cork University Business School

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Dr. Lauren Bari is lecturer in management at Cork University Business School and the iEd Hub at the College of Medicine and Health. Lauren's teaching interests and expertise are in the area of employment relations, human resource management and organisational behaviour. Lauren holds primary and postgraduate degrees in sociology, law and human rights law from NUI Galway, an Msc in management from UCD and a PhD in work and employment studies from University of Limerick. Her research focuses on the intersections between gender, care work and labour market outcomes such as pay gaps and occupational segregation. Her primary methodological approach is quantitative data analysis and the use of large datasets and she has published in Irish and international journals including the Irish Management JournalGender, Work and Organization and the Journal of Family and Economic Issues. Lauren has over fifteen years industry experience in the legal, public and non-profit sectors, working in research, programme management and consultancy roles for the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Justice and Equality.

Research Domains

  • Work-family conflict, gendered divisions of labour and labour market outcomes
  • Motherhood and fatherhood pay gaps/premiums
  • Self-employment/freelance work, gender and precarity
  • Impacts of Work Flexibility  
  • Global trends in industrial action, ILO data
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Journal article

Year Publication
2021 BARI, L. (2021). Who are solo self-employed women? Analysis of the trends and characteristics of solo self-employed women in Ireland 2003–2019. The Irish Journal of Management, 40 (1), 42 - 60. doi:doi:10.2478/ijm-2021-0006. Details
2021 BARI, L., TURNER, T., O'SULLIVAN, M. (2021). Gender differences in solo self‐employment: Gendered flexibility and the effects of parenthood. Gender, Work & Organization, 28 (6). doi:10.1111/gwao.12724. Details
2023 BARI, L. (2023). Gendered Divergence in the Impact of Parenthood on Wages: The Role of Family Size, Human Capital and Working Time. Journal of Family and Economic Issues. doi:10.1007/s10834-023-09917-9. Details
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