Dr John Considine

John Considine


University College Cork
Cork University Business School

[email protected] ORCID profile


John completed his PhD, on the measurement of the fiscal deficit, under the supervision of Huw Dixon in the University of York.


  • 9999 - Doctoral Degree, University College Cork (Thesis Primary Supervisor)
  • 9999 - Masters Degree by Research, University College Cork (Thesis Primary Supervisor)
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Journal article

Year Publication
2018 CONSIDINE, J. (2018). Competitive balance in a quasi-double knockout tournament. Applied Economics. doi:10.1080/00036846.2017.1386279. Details
2016 CONSIDINE, J. (2016). Keynes and the confidence faeries. Cambridge Journal of Economics. doi:10.1093/cje/beu065. Details
2011 CONSIDINE, J. (2011). Online Assignments in Economics: A Test of Their Effectiveness. Journal of Economic Education. doi:10.1080/00220485.2011.555696. Details
2010 WOODS, N., CONSIDINE, J., LUCEY, S., WHELTON, H., NYHAN, T. (2010). The influence of economic incentives on treatment patterns in a third-party funded dental service. Community Dental Health, 27 (1), 18-22. doi:10.1922/CDH_2390Woods05. Details
2016 CONSIDINE, J., DORAN, J. (2016). Evaluation of an informal rule for the allocation of sports capital funding. Public Choice. doi:10.1007/s11127-016-0348-1. Details
2016 BUTLER, D., BUTLER, R., CONSIDINE, J. (2016). What The Simpsons Can Teach Us About Sports Economics. Journal of Economics and Finance Education.
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2008 CONSIDINE, J., CROWLEY, F., FOLEY, S., O'CONNOR, M. (2008). Irish national lottery sports capital grant allocations, 1999-2007: Natural experiments on political influence. Economic Affairs. doi:10.1111/j.1468-0270.2008.00843.x. Details
2006 CONSIDINE, J. (2006). The Simpsons: Public Choice in the Tradition of Swift and Orwell. Journal of Economic Education. doi:10.3200/jece.37.2.217-228. Details
2006 CONSIDINE, J. (2006). The No Income Tax Campaign. 21st Century Tax Philosophy in the 1920. Irish Economic and Social History.
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2008 LUCEY, S., WOODS, N., CONSIDINE, J., WHELTON, H. (2008). The Impact of System Changes on Dental Treatment Patterns. Journal of Dental Research, 87 (Special Issue B).
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