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Dr Edward Lahiff

Edward Lahiff


Food Business & Development
University College Cork
Cork University Business School ORCID profile


Iam a lecturer in international development at University College Cork (DeptFood Business and Development), and the Director of the BSc. Programme inInternational Development and Food Policy.

Between1998 and 2006 I worked in southern Africa working with a rural NGO and later asSenior Lecturer in Land and Agrarian Studies at the University of the WesternCape. In 2009-10 I served as Doctoral Programme Officer with the TrinityInternational Development Initiative (TIDI) and Coordinator of theInternational Doctoral School in Global Health at the Centre for Global Health,Trinity College Dublin.

My currentresearch focuses on links between small-scale farming and nutrition,particularly in Ethiopia.

Ihave published widely on land reform, rural livelihoods and natural resources inAfrica.

Research Domains

  • Agri-nutrition linkages  
  • AgriDiet  
  • Income Distribution and Inequality
  • Land reform  
  • Rural Development 
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  • 2014 - Risk perception, risk management and the role of livestock insurance,; Evidence from iorthe|n Ethropra, Tigray, University College Cork (Thesis Co-Supervisor)
  • 2014 - The relationship between rural livelihoods and livestock keeping: The case of Sidama Zone, Southern Ethiopia (Thesis Co-Supervisor)
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Journal article

Year Publication
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Year Publication
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Book chapter

Year Publication
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Book review

Year Publication
2015 LAHIFF, E. (2015). The great African land grab? Agricultural investments and the global food system. The Journal of Peasant Studies. Details

Magazine article

Year Publication
2009 LAHIFF, E. (2009). Land and Livelihoods: The Politics of Land Reform in Southern Africa. IDS Bulletin. Details
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Year Publication
1999 LAHIFF, E. (1999). Land tenure on the Arabie-Olifants Irrigation Scheme. Details
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