Dr Brian Turner

Brian Turner


University College Cork
Cork University Business School

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Having graduated with an MA in Economics in 1994, Brian spent five years as a property analyst in London, before joining estate agents Hamilton Osborne King as Head of Research in 1999. In 2002, Brian joined The Health Insurance Authority – the statutory regulatory body for the Irish private health insurance industry – as Head of Research/Technical Services. In 2005, Brian returned to UCC to study for a PhD in Economics, focusing on health insurance issues, which he completed in early 2010.  He now lectures in the Department of Economics, focusing in particular on health and insurance issues.  His research has been published nationally and internationally, he has been invited to deliver speeches at a number of high-profile events, and he is a frequent contributor to national media discussions on the Irish health system.  Brian is also co-director of the Postgraduate Diploma/MSc in Health Economics Practice, an online programme designed to give students the skills to apply economic decision-making to the health sector.  Brian also holds a Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, both from UCC.

Grants and Honours

  • 23/11/2016 - Competition and Consumer Protection Commission - Economic Consultation, MISC
  • 01/01/2013 - Independent Report on Universal Health Insurance and the Options., Irish Funded Research
  • 01/01/1991 - Undergraduate College Scholarship, University College Cork
  • 01/01/1990 - Undergraduate College Scholarship, University College Cork
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Other Activities

  • 09/05/2019 - Irish Economic Association Annual Conference
  • 08/04/2014 - Enhancing Value For Money in Health: The Challenges of Efficiency and Efficacy
  • 13/06/2013 - A New Healthcare System: Organising For Change
  • 11/09/2012 - A New Healthcare System: More Competition, More Value?
  • 22/06/2011 - A New Government - New Health System?
  • 23/06/2010 - Health Economists' Study Group Meeting
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Research Domains

  • Health Insurance  
  • Health Financing  
  • Insurance
  • Economic Regulation  
  • Property Economics  
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  • 2016 - The impact of user charges on patient choice of healthcare services in Ireland (Thesis Co-Supervisor)
  • 2019 - Health insurance in Saudi Arabia: funding options to manage the risk of government healthcare spending (Thesis Co-Supervisor)
  • 2016 - Consumer mobility in the Irish health insurance market: determinants, incentives and risk equalisation, Trinity College Dublin (Thesis Co-Supervisor)
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Journal article

Year Publication
2018 KEEGAN, C., TELJEUR, C., TURNER, B., THOMAS, S. (2018). Switching benefits and costs in the Irish health insurance market: an analysis of consumer surveys.. International Journal of Health Economics and Management. Details
2017 TURNER, B. (2017). Addressing market segmentation and incentives for risk selection: how well does risk equalisation in the Irish private health insurance market work? Economic and Social Review.
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2014 TURNER, B. (2014). The path to universal health care: white paper, red flags. Administration.
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2022 MUSTANYIR, S. A., TURNER, B., MULCAHY, M. (2022). The population of Saudi Arabia's willingness to pay for improved level of access to healthcare services: A contingent valuation study. Health Science Reports. doi:10.1002/hsr2.577. Details
2022 , COTTER, G., BONENFANT, Y., BUTLER, J., CAULFIELD, M., PRESTWICH, B. D., ... SINALO, C. W. (2022). Creating a community of praxis: integrating global citizenship and development education across campus at University College Cork. International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning. doi:10.14324/ijdegl.14.2.01. Details

Book chapter

Year Publication
2016 TURNER, B. (2016). Ireland. Voluntary health insurance in Europe: country experience. World Health Organisation.
2020 TURNER, B., SMITH, S. (2020). Uncovering the complex role of private health insurance in Ireland. Private health insurance: history, politics and performance. Cambridge University Press. Details
2009 TURNER, B. (2009). Ireland. Private Health Insurance in the European Union. European Commission.

Magazine article

Year Publication
2008 TURNER, B. (2008). Celtic Tiger, Healthcare Dragon: Fiery debates in the Irish private health insurance market. Eurohealth.
2004 TURNER, B. (2004). Recent developments in the Irish private health insurance market. Euro Observer.

Newsletter article

Year Publication
2012 SHINNICK, E., TURNER, B. (2012). Public Private Age Related Utilisation of Public Hospital Services in Ireland., Switzerland.
2012 TURNER, B. (2012). Private versus public age-related utilisation of public hospital services in Ireland. The Geneva Association Health and Ageing Newsletter.


Year Publication
2018 TURNER, B. (2018). International Benchmarking of the Structure of Irish Healthcare.
2013 TURNER, B. (2013). Health System Funding in Ireland: Universal Health Insurance and the Options. Retrieved from https://www.scribd.com/document/152902759/Universal-Health-Insurance-July-2013


Year Publication
2011 TURNER, B. (2011). Le role des assurances maladie privées dans le systeme de santé irlandais. Health Coverage in Europe: Position and Role of Private Insurance Providers.
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