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Dr Damian Tobin



2.66 Management & Marketing
University College Cork
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I am Lecturer in International Business at Cork University Business School. My research primarily focuses on economic and business history; currency internationalization and state settlement banks, and the role of the state in economic development and has been published in such journals as New Political Economy, Journal of International Development, Business History, World Development, Corporate Governance: An International Review, and the Journal of Contemporary Asia as well as in broader media outlets. I have experience in providing economic policy briefings for international corporations, governments, social think-tanks, and advisory firms.

I am a graduate of the University of Limerick (MBS Economics & BA Public Administration) and have a Ph.D. in Finance and Management from the University of London. My thesis looked at corporate restructuring, governance reform, and the international listing of China's leading state-owned enterprises . I have been a visiting researcher at universities in Hong Kong and Italy.

I am currently working on an ESRC / NSF funded project “Developing financial systems to support sustainable growth in China - The role of innovation, diversity and financial regulation” (2017-2020). Along with researchers from the UK and China we are researching the measurement of financial inclusion and are developing an index of financial diversity.

Other Activities

  • 09/05/2019 - IEA Annual Conference
  • 25/03/2019 - Conference on Financial Inclusion and Fintech
  • 03/11/2016 - EAEPE Annual Conference Manchester Metropolitan University Business School
  • 07/09/2016 - SPRU 50th Anniversary Conference, University of Sussex
  • 15/09/2015 - Comparative Chinese and British research perspectives on social and administrative modernisation
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Journal article

Year Publication
2018 TOBIN, D. (2018). Technical self-sufficiency, pricing independence: a Penrosean perspective on China’s emergence as a major oil refiner since the 1960s. Business History. Details
2016 TOBIN, D. (2016). Continuity and Pragmatism: How Chinese State-Owned Banks Adapted to Hong Kong’s Free Market (1949–1978). Journal of Contemporary Asia. Details
2013 TOBIN, D. (2013). Renminbi internationalisation: precedents and implications. Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies. Details
2013 TOBIN, D. (2013). The renminbi as an international currency: the next instalment of China's economic reforms. Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies. Details
2012 TOBIN, D. (2012). The Anglo-Saxon paradox: Corporate governance best-practices and the reform deficit in China's banking sector. Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies. Details
2011 TOBIN, D. (2011). Austerity and Moral Compromise: Lessons from the Development of China's Banking System. World Development. Details
2009 TOBIN, D., SUN, L. (2009). International Listing as a Means to Mobilize the Benefits of Financial Globalization: Micro-level Evidence from China. World Development. Details
2005 TOBIN, D. (2005). Economic liberalization, the changing role of the state and "Wagner's Law": China's development experience since 1978. World Development. Details
2005 SUN, L., TOBIN, D. (2005). International listing as a mechanism of commitment to more credible corporate governance practices: The case of the bank of China (Hong Kong). Corporate Governance: an international review. Details
2020 BECK, M. (2020). The 2019/2020 Novel Corona Virus Outbreak: An International Health Management Perspective. The Open Public Health Journal. Details
2021 BECK, M., TOBIN, D., SHEPPARD, G. (2021). The 2020 Novel Corona Virus Outbreak: One Year On. The Open Public Health Journal. Details
2021 PESQUÉ-CELA, V., TIAN, L., TOBIN, D., KING, G. (2021). Defining and measuring financial inclusion: A systematic review and confirmatory factor analysis. Journal of International Development. Details
2021 TOBIN, D. (2021). Offshoring the Uncovered Liability Problem: Currency Hierarchies, State-Owned Settlement Banks and the Offshore Market for Renminbi. New Political Economy. doi:10.1080/13563467.2021.1926953. Details

Book chapter

Year Publication
2009 TOBIN, D. (2009). Corporate Governance.
2019 TOBIN, D., VOLZ, U. (2019). The Development and Transformation of China’s Financial System. Routledge.

Conference paper

Year Publication
2008 TOBIN, D. (2008). Creating Order in the Absence of Formal Regulations and Law: A Historical Perspective on Corporate Governance and the Joint Stock Company. Details
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