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Dr Angelina Espinoza-Limon

Dr Angelina Espinoza-Limon


Research Fellow (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Career-FIT )

Financial Services Governance Risk and Compliance Technology Centre (GRCTC) 13 South Mall, Cork City

+353 21 465 4821 LinkedIn Profile ORCID profile


Currently a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Career FIT Research Fellow at University College Cork. Long track record working on ontologies, semantic networks and modelling. As researcher, I have more than 6 years participating and leading several projects in which the backbone has been the modelling and design of ontologies and knowledge bases, including reference ontologies and standards, such FIBO (finance), CIM (electric), and OpenGalen (health-care). I have researched in BIS architecture design for delivering semantic data in several application domains, such as medicine, energy and future of work, based on OWL-RDF native knowledge bases, incorporating architectures patterns from Autonomic Computing.

I’ve collaborated with several companies for funding initiatives, such as (England) Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering, Enterprise Ireland and Marie Curie (EU), (Spain) ITEA 2, (Mexico) Conacyt and PROMEP. I have over 5 years working in industry as programmer, analyst-designer and software engineering consultant in projects for banking, energy and education. I have lecture software and knowledge engineering related topics in undergraduate and graduate courses. 

As researcher and professional, I like to build a contact network, national and international, since I believe that knowledge/software engineering requires a team-oriented and collaborative environment to succeed.