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Prof. Thia Hennessy

Prof. Thia Hennessy


Dean, Cork University Business School

Food Business & Development O'Rahilly Building

+353 (0)21 490 2868 LinkedIn Profile


Professor Thia Hennessy, Dean of School and Chair of Agri-Food Economics at Cork University Business School . Her research interests include the sustainable development of the agri-food sector with a particular interest in the impact of public policy on the farm sector. Thia is a member of a number of international research consortia examining issues such as the economic performance of farms, the sustainability of food production and the impact of climate change on agriculture. She has published widely in both the academic literature and mainstream media. Prior to joining UCC in September 2016, Thia was employed by Teagasc, the Agriculture and Food Development Authority of Ireland where she managed the agricultural and environmental economic research programme. She was also responsible for the Teagasc National Farm Survey which produces the official national statistics on farming in Ireland and is a member of the European Commission’s Farm Accountancy Data Network.


  • Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics.  University of Reading, UK (2005)
  • Sabbatical leave at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia (2002 -2003) 
  • Master of Business Studies in Agri-Food Business. Smurfit Graduate School of Business, University College Dublin, Ireland (1997)
  • B.A. Economics and Finance. National University of Ireland, Maynooth. (1996)


  • Director of Animal Health Ireland (2008 to 2012)
  • Board Member of the National Competitiveness Council (2004 to 2009)
  • Expert Evaluator for the EU Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme (2010 & 2011)
  • Member of the National Consultative Committee on Agricultural Policy (2006 to date)


  • Outstanding Young Researcher by the British Agricultural Economics Society  (2012)
  • Teagasc Staff Excellence in Research (2013)

International Research Networks

  • FAPRI-Ireland partnership
  • Farm Accountancy Data Network of the EU
  • Genedec: EU funded 7th Framework project
  • Factor Markets: EU funded 7th Framework project
  • FLINT: EU funded 7th Framework project

Refereeing and Reviewing Activities

  • Associate Editor of the International Journal of Agricultural Management (2013 to date)
  • Referee for Journal of Agricultural Economics, European Review of Agricultural Economics, Food Policy, Land Use Policy and the Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research

Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

Hennessy, T., Kinsella, A. and Thorne, F. (2016). Planned intentions versus actual behaviour: assessing the reliability of intention surveys in predicting farmers’ production levels post decoupling. International Journal of Agricultural Management. Forthcoming

Ryan, M., Hennessy, T., Buckley, C., Dillon, E, Donnellan, T., Hanrahan, K., and Moran, B. (2016).

Developing farm-level sustainability indicators for Ireland using the
Teagasc National Farm Survey. Irish Journal of Agriculture and Food Research Forthcoming.

Loughrey, J., Thorne, F.  and Hennessy, T. (2016) A Microsimulation Model for Risk in Irish Tillage Farming. International Journal of Microsimulation Vol 9(2):41-76

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