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Prof. Matthias Beck

Prof. Matthias Beck


Professor of Management

Room 2.07, O’Rahilly Building Management and Marketing Cork University Business School, University College Cork

+353 (0)21 490 3719


Matthias P. Beck, PhD (MIT), MUP March (Kansas), FRSA is Professor of Management at Cork University Business School, University College Cork.  Prof Beck joined UCC in 2017.  Prior to coming to UCC he held professorial posts in public sector management at Queen’s University Belfast and the University of York in England, and a position as Professor of Risk Management at Glasgow Caledonian University.  Prof Beck has a keen interest in risk and health services research and is NIHR  Journals Library Editor with the National Institute of Health Research, the main research funding and dissemination body of the UK National Health Service.


  • Risk and Risk Management
  • Health Management
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Public Sector Management



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(2019) ‘Managing Pharmaceutical Shortages: An Overview and Classification of Policy Responses in Europe and the USA’
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