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  • Overview 

The Diploma in Applied Business Computing is a targeted initiative which has been developed by Business Information Systems, UCC. The goal is to help address the problem of individuals from marginalized areas of society being underrepresented in IT courses run by third-level institutions. The Diploma is specifically aimed at the long term unemployed. 

This programme also helps to redress the issue of individuals who, for a variety of reasons, have been denied access to value-added activities in one of the most vibrant sectors of the employment market. The diploma has, and continues to, ensure access for these students to the programme.

  • Where is the programme held? 

The site for the Diploma is situated off-campus in Farrenferris College, in the north side of Cork. This site was chosen as central to the areas considered to be in need of further social inclusion into third level institutes; in effect bringing the programme to those it is aimed at, in order to increase social inclusion.

  • Who runs the programme?

The Diploma is a joint initiative between the Business Information Systems Group, Cork Institute of Technology, the Centre for Adult and Continuing Education at UCC, and the Cork City Partnership. A steering group with representatives from these bodies, and others who work with those from socially disadvantaged regions, direct and monitor the programme. 

Applications for this course will be accepted in 2016. 

For further information on the programme, please email John McAvoy - or Tel. 021 4903338

  • What will I study? 

Topics covered as part of the course include administration and support of IT infrastructures, programming languages such as Visual Basic, HTML, multimedia development for Internet applications, and Oracle database programming and administration. Students also benefit from individual and group support and mentoring. The Centre for Adult Continuing Education also delivers a comprehensive course on communication and personal development in year one.

  • What opportunities are available? 

On successful completion of the two-year cycle, students have the option of progression onto further education in Cork University Business School (BSc Business Information Systems Degree) or programmes offered at Cork Institute of Technology. If students do not wish to continue academically, the diploma offers them a third level qualification that enhances their employment prospects.

  • Entry Requirements 

Formal educational qualifications are not necessary for entry into the course. ISince not every individual will have a natural disposition for programming, candidates are screened and assessed for suitability through an interview process.

  • What is the class size? 

Up to 25 individuals from the Cork Region can participate in the course.

Like to find out more about our Diploma in Applied Business Computing? 
Contact John McAvoy - for further information about the course