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The Executive MBA programme in UCC provided me with the ideal opportunity to further enhance my personal development and add to my skills in the area of strategy, development and finance. Read more

By Donal Cronin Director, Rockforest Business Consultancy, Class of 11/12

The MBA program at UCC is simply an outstanding quality program from start to finish. It offers far more than a way to help progress one’s own professional career. Read more

By Shane Horan Programme Manager, Amazon, Class of 09/10

The UCC Executive MBA is a truly unique and outstanding programme. Read more

By Sean Millerick Senior Manager - HR, Pfizer Ireland, Class of 09/10

The UCC Executive MBA programme offers the perfect opportunity for one to accelerate and deepen their understanding of leadership challenges in both society and organisations. Read more

By Ronan Murray Assistant Director, EY, Class of 09/10.

I found the UCC Executive MBA to be an exhilarating and life-changing experience for me as a manager / leader. Read more

By Sean Abbott Director of Development & Innovation, COPE Foundation

In these turbulent times have you ever wondered why some companies and more importantly managers, seem to be able to "weather the storm", whilst others falter and fail? If so, then you should enroll for the UCC Executive MBA. Read more

By Dr. Andrew Cromie Irish Cattle Breeders Federation, Class of 07/08

To meet, and work with such a variety of motivated fellow students, is an intangible that could never be formally assessed and that I continue to reflect upon, even a year after completion of the UCC Executive MBA Programme. Read more

By Dr. Mark Nolan CEO, Director at Charles Nolan & Sons, Class of 05/06

Caroline Currid

The UCC Executive MBA is an outstanding program with a unique ability to get the most from each individual who has completed the degree. Read more

By Caroline Currid CEO/Founder, Unica Performance Ltd

The UCC Executive MBA has benefited me on both a professional and personal level. It provides so much valuable, new learning in terms of management theories and frameworks. Read more

By John O' Driscoll Change & Operations Manager, Bank of Ireland & Class of 2013/2014

The UCC Executive MBA gave me the skills and knowledge to take my career to the next level. The coursework in strategic planning and finance in particular provided strong programme foundations, Read more

By Maura Rose McMahon Chief Executive Officer at An Cosán

The Executive MBA programme in UCC has given me the opportunity for both personal and professional development. Read more

By Jason Rose Senior Manager, Customer Service Logistics, EMC

The UCC Executive MBA programme provided me the opportunity to gain the business, operations and strategy skills to bridge my technical background and position me for a move away from technical focussed roles into more general management roles. Read more

By Brian Dennehy Senior Operations Manager, Pfizer Inc

When I signed up for the MBA, I was expecting that I would just be given templates to work with and that the classes would utilize rote learning methods v’s critical thinking methods.I was greatly mistaken. Read more

By Pat Cotter Project Manager, R&D Surgical Stryker Instruments Ireland