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Autumn Conferrings for CUBS Students 2018

From: 24 Oct 2018 - 10:00 To: 25 Oct 2018 - 16:30

Autumn Conferrings for CUBS Students 2018

As part of UCC Autumn Conferrings, graduation ceremonies for students of CUBS programmes will take place on various dates from October 17th

The autumn conferring ceremonies will take place for CUBS programmes on the following dates;

Wednesday 17 October 2018


MSc (Co-operative Organisation, Food Marketing & Rural Development)


BSc (Hons) (Food Marketing & Entreneurship) 

BSc (Hons) (International Development & Food Policy)

Wednesday 24 October 2018


BComm (Hons) (Surnames A - L)

BComm (Hons) (International with Chinese Studies)

BComm (Hons) (International with French)

BComm (Hons) (International with German)


BComm (Hons) ( Surnames M - Z)

BComm (Hons) (International with Hispanic Studies)

BComm (Hons) (International with Irish)

BComm (Hons) (International with Italian)


BA (Hons) (Economics)

BA (Hons) (Economics - International) 

BSc (Hons) (Business Economics)

BSc (Hons) (Business and Financial Economics)

BSc (Hons) (Finance)

BSc (Hons) (Financial Economics)

MSc (Corporate Finance)

THURsday 25 October 2018


BSc (Hons) (Business Information Systems)

MSc (Management Information & Managerial Accounting Systems)

MSc (Business Information & Analytics Systems)

MSc (Electronic Business)


BSc (Hons) (Accounting)

BSc (Hons) (Accounting Studies)

Master of Accounting

MComm (Government & Public Policy)

MSc (Asset Management)

MSc (Commerce)

MSc (Co-operative and Social Enterprise)

MSc (Information Systems for Business Performance)

DBA (Business Economics)

PhD (Business Information Systems)

PhD (Commerce)

To learn more about UCC conferrings and for a full timetable of ceremony times, please visit the website.

A live stream of the ceremonies will be available on the day and can be viewed here.